LDS Ward Finder iOS App
Anyone with an iOS device will tell you that in the last few years the bar for quality in an app has raised dramatically. It’s not just about finding an app that can do what you need anymore; it’s about deciding which one. Functionality is not enough anymore we need our apps to be easy to use and nice to look at. LDS Ward Finder ($1.99) for iOS from Lift Games is both of those.

It is as simple as typing in part of or a full address and the information about the ward for that area comes up. It looks nice and works great. Those that will find this app useful are people who travel on Sundays either once and a while or on a regular basis. This app makes finding the right ward, and a map to get to navigate there, very easy.

The only thing I would like to see the developer add to this app to make it even more convenient is an option to detect your location automatically and display the ward based on that. Other than that it is a quality app and if you have need of the service I would highly recommend finding it in the app store.

LDS Ward Finder works great, its designed great, and couldn’t be any easier to use. Not everybody will need it, but for those traveling on Sundays, it’s perfect.

This is a guest review by Curtis Ross, creator of the amazing webapp LDSPlan, which will help you get your home and visiting teaching scheduled and reported each month.