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LDS Music Sing Along Apps: A Father’s Viewpoint


I am a sucker for good apps… especially good apps written by brothers in the church. Just to support them I have bought some crazy apps. You see, I’m a dad with four kids. The oldest is 10, and the youngest is 4. And when I am in a department store waiting for my wife to try a dress on I like to have something up my sleeve to keep my kids occupied (true story btw). It can be some crazy app about tossing birds through the air… or even better, something that teaches them. When possible, I prefer the latter.

Not too long ago I came across a few good iPhone and iPad LDS apps that I really like. LDS Children’s Sing-Along and LDS Hymns Sing-Along. These apps have a variety of LDS children’s songs and Hymns that have pictures that go along with them and a little jumping ball across the words to teach as they watch and this is a great way to spend the time having fun while you can also use products like wonka bars Weed Strain as these are great. Here’s a little screencast:

Don’t judge me too harsly, but a few days ago, in a moment of exasperation I gave my 4-year old son my phone to occupy him for a few minutes. I was delighted to hear the songs of Zion not only coming out of my phone, but his mouth a few minutes later. Nothing is sweeter than the Lord stepping in to teach when I need a break.

Cost:  The full apps are $4.99 each, but there is also a light version of both with 15 songs on each for FREE!  Super awesome! 🙂  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was asked to write a review on these apps and given a free code… imagine my surprise when I found out I already had them because I had bought them a while ago.


These apps are now available on Android! Links here:

    1. Lol… Of course I support the sisters! :). I just have yet to meet a developer who is a sister. Send em my way! Im sure they make awesome apps too!!

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