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Nearly everyone today has an MP3 player, whether it is an iPod, cell phone, smart phone or some other device.  The Church knows this and now has a webpage dedicated to “Church Publications in Compressed Audio Format.”

Yesterday’s science fiction has become today’s reality. And that reality, thanks to the technology of our times, is changing so fast we can barely keep up with it—if we do at all. For those of us who remember dial telephones and manual typewriters, today’s technology is more than merely amazing. —President Thomas S. Monson

We have been taught to stand in holy places and to worship through music and that it will prepare us for revelation and nourish us with the Spirit.  It is with this purpose that they are making available a variety of resources, fulfilling the second mission of the church of perfecting the saints.  Here is a list of what they are now offering:

  1. The Scriptures (in English, Portuguese, and Spanish)
  2. Scripture Study Materials
  3. Gospel Principles Manual
  4. General Conference (April 2003 to Present)
  5. The Ensign, New Era, and Friend Magazines (January 2004 to Present)
  6. Teaching of the Presidents Manuals (J. Smith Jr., Kimball, Woodruff, McKay, and Grant)
  7. Addition Material (Addiction Recovery Program, Jesus the Christ, and Preach My Gospel)
  8. Hymns, Children’s Songbook, and “Other Music”
  9. Worldwide Leadership Training

With all these materials available for download you can listen to your favorite General Conference talk (or all of them!), listen to your Church Lessons ahead of time, and fill your home or car with hymns and other inspirational music.

For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads. (D&C 25:12)

What do you plan on using most from  What would you like them to add to available items for download in the future?

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