Did Abraham Lie about His Wife, Sarai? | BYU Studies

Did Abraham Lie about His Wife, Sarai? | BYU Studies


Abraham’s Converts in Haran

Abraham laying his hands on someone’s head

Abraham 2:15 and Genesis 12:5 both speak of Abraham and his family’s journey from Haran to Canaan. The Book of Abraham verse contains a small detail that is not clear in Genesis: they brought converts with them. “Abraham’s converts in Haran” explores ancient and modern evidence that supports the idea in Abraham 2:15 of “souls that we had won in Haran” through missionary work.

Did Abraham Lie about His Wife, Sarai?

This article acknowledges Duane Boyce’s philosophical argument in his recent article “Why Abraham Was Not Wrong to Lie” while focusing instead on the ancient context of the situation. Abraham’s deception may have been taking advantage of an Egyptian custom for strategic ambiguity instead of making an outright false statement.

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