David Archuleta is very involved in helping to #LightTheWorld this year!

He’s back this year for a special YouTube Livestream with The Piano Guys, Clair Ryann, Peter Hollens, Taylor Davis, Nathan Pacheco, and others!

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He also was a guest on the LDS Perspectives podcast recently where he discussed his journey and his efforts to serve others:


David also took some time out of his busy schedule to visit an orphanage in Lima, Peru on a recent visit to that city. He finished a concert in Green Arena on Friday evening . . .

. . . and then visited with the youth at this orphanage the following morning. Later that day, he visited with Elder Godoy (the Area President) and 400+ youth, discussing the importance of service, missionary work, and his personal journey to be more Christlike. The fireside was taped and will be broadcast to all the youth in the Area on December 20.



Do you remember MY LITTLE PRAYER? He was on Temple Square to record this for last year’s #LightTheWorld initiative.

What is YOUR favorite part about #LightTheWorld?

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