Cell Phone Sensitivity


Mormon Times has an article by Trent Toone on how to use your phone & similar devices appropriately in church capacities & situations. It suggests:

  • When appropriate, please silence your phone.
  • Everyone has different preferences when it comes to texing, so be tactful. While some members may love to get text[s], others may not…. A good rule of thumb might be if the number of back-to-back texts exceeds three, a call might be more efficient. When you do make a call, keep it short.
  • If those in your ward circle have embraced texting, use this power for good. Make a fellow Mormon’s day by texting a thank you note, a favorite quote or a meaningful scripture verse. Just don’t let texting replace face-to-face communication.
  • You have the scriptures on your miniature device. If you are in seminary, you will now win all the scripture mastery games. However, in any church meeting where a lesson is being taught be sensitive to your teacher, and don’t let your gizmo become a distraction.

Thanks to Ariel Panga for pointing this out.

Original article: Mormon Times

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