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Signs and Spiritual Eclipses (from Power In The Book)

Ever seem like God was always showing signs to people in the scriptures? Kind of wish you could see one yourself? The Nephites demonstrate to us that’s actually a bad idea. Put on your spiritual eclipse glasses, because in today’s Power in the Book of Mormon​ post, we’re going into the Book of Mormon to talk about miraculous signs (and why we should be grateful there aren’t a lot of them).
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Joseph Smith had a dog? Apparently so . . .

Pet lovers rejoice! At a session of the Mormon History Association Conference on June 2, scholar Alexander L. Baugh from BYU presented sources that tell more about Joseph’s dog, including documents recently discovered in Iowa.
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Scriptures Why Peter Had to Leave His Boat aaron burden New Testament

Why Peter Had to Leave His Boat

I firmly believe we will achieve our goals if we leave our boats (comfort zone) and do our best, NO QUESTIONS asked. Just follow the plan we have to get there and it will happen. By leaving the safety of your comforts, you will build a stronger and new you.
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