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New video: What do Mormons believe?

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What do Mormons believe?

That’s a big question, but here’s a few to get you started.

Jesus, The Bible, temples, prayer, happiness, missionaries, The Book of Mormon, service, prophets. Call us weird, but you probably share a lot of these beliefs.

And the ones you don’t share are worth finding out for yourself if they are true.

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(Video transcript)

You’ve probably heard of them.
There’s over 15 million Mormons on planet earth.
There’s a funny Broadway musical about Mormons–no affiliation.
Mormons have a world-famous choir–total affiliation.

And those guys on bikes? Definitely Mormons.
They also have those big buildings with a shiny gold angel on top.
And Mormons always seem to show up to help out when you need it.

But here are some things you might not know about Mormons.
What do Mormons believe?
Whoa. That’s a big question, like, really big.
But we’re going to try to answer it. Here we go.

First off, Mormons believe in God.
And Mormons are Christians.
So yes, Mormons believe in Jesus Christ.
Mormons try to do what Jesus said and live like Jesus lived.
Mormons believe that Jesus gave His life so when we make mistakes, we can seek forgiveness and try harder to be better.
And that’s why Mormons are so happy.
Just look at how happy they are. Let’s see what else.

Oh, yeah, Mormons have the Book of Mormon.
Fun fact–this book is why people call them Mormons.
But its full name is the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
See that? Jesus is right there on the cover.
So Mormons study the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Book of Mormon.

We’ve thrown a lot of Mormon beliefs at you.
And you still might be wondering, “Yeah, but how do I know if this is what Mormons really believe?”

Well, you could talk to a Mormon. This guy’s Mormon. Talk to him or her or them. They’re all Mormon.
Chances are, if you ask a Mormon what they believe, they’ll be excited to tell you all about it.
Or better yet, you could ask God. Yeah, you could pray about all these beliefs.

And if you do, Mormons believe you’ll get an answer, because God’s there and He loves you.

He loves all of us. And when it comes down to it, that’s what Mormons really believe.

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