VIDEO: Jesus and the Woman of Samaria - John 4

VIDEO: Jesus and the Woman of Samaria – John 4

The woman at the well is a story that teaches us that all who drink of the Living Water, even Jesus Christ, will never thirst again. This video shows the significance of the historical setting and its placement immediately following that of Nicodemus, a member of the Sanhedrin. John’s comparison of the adulteress Samaritan woman to that of a male Jewish ruler, provides powerful insights as to how all, no matter our status in life, can be purified by the grace of the Savior Jesus Christ.
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Ministering: Less Talk, More Action

A few weeks ago, I was called to be the ward mission leader. Since then, I have been pondering on what I need to do to magnify my calling. I have served with a lot of different ward mission leaders both on and off my mission. Some jumped in with the missionaries. Others never learned the missionaries’ names. Some rarely missed an opportunity to attend teaching appointments. Others rarely attended Church itself. Some were overbearing in their calling. Others couldn’t bare to be in their calling. It’s a wide spectrum. So how does the Lord want me to serve? What should my focus be? How can I put new energy into visiting the “same ten people?” Or do we need a new approach entirely? A lot of weighty questions on my mind. I’ve been trying to discern how Christ wants me to serve in this capacity.
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Until the day I die Mormon LDS Book

Until the day I die . . .

I loved the second area of my mission. The Bishop was totally on board with missionary work. The ward mission leader was a rock star. The ward was warm and accepting. And the boundaries were large enough to stave off knocking on someone’s door more than once every 2 months or so (this was back in the day when tracting was almost all missionaries ever did). It was really awesome– definitely one of the highlights of my whole mission. I was there a long time. I spent 6 months (and 5 companions) in that ward. But no matter how awesome an area is, you can still burn out.
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