New Testament Bible Study: Jesus Christ and The Healing of the Blind Man at the Pool of Siloam

New Testament Bible study: Jesus Christ heals the Blind Man at the Pool of Siloam

The account of the blind man who is healed by Jesus at the Pool of Siloam is a beautiful story that can teach us of the power of the Savior to likewise give us light and healing in our own daily struggles. According to the Gospel of John, we are told that the blind man was healed following the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot. Jesus appears to use the feast and this miracle to help teach of His divinity.
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A New Years Resolution from Captain Moroni

It’s New Years time again. That introspective time where we reflect over the past year and resolve that this year we are surely, most definitely going to start that novel, get that promotion, pay off that credit card, and lose that gut. Oh yeah, and world peace. But if we could add one more goal to our list, let’s add this one: to be more like Captain Moroni and never compromise with evil.
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Why I Don’t Read the News

After visiting the actual Walden, I read Thoreau’s book of the same name, in which he says, “To a philosopher, all news, as it is called, is gossip, and they…
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