David A. Bednar | "The heartache of divorce"

David A. Bednar | “The heartache of divorce”


I recently met a Church member who experienced the heartache of divorce. This sister’s spiritual and emotional distress was heightened by a sense of unfairness associated with her spouse’s violation of covenants and the breakup of their marriage. She wanted justice and accountability.

As this faithful woman was struggling with all that had happened to her, she studied and pondered the Savior’s Atonement more intently and intensely than ever before in her life.

Gradually, a deeper understanding of Christ’s redemptive mission distilled upon her soul—His suffering for our sins, and also our pains, weaknesses, disappointments, and anguish. And she was inspired to ask herself a penetrating question: “Since the price already has been paid for those sins, would you demand that the price be paid twice?” She realized that such a requirement would be neither just nor merciful.

This woman learned that binding herself to the Savior through covenants and ordinances can heal the wounds caused by another person’s unrighteous exercise of moral agency and enabled her to find the capacity to forgive and receive peace, mercy, and love.

Artwork: “Coming Full Circle” used with permission from the artist Jenedy Paige.

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