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“Defend Your Families and Love Your Enemies: A New Look at the Book of Mormon’s Patterns of Protection”

By J. David Pulsipher
“Near the end of the Book of Mormon, after surveying and abridging the entire span of Nephite history, Mormon seems to conclude that although justified violence may be ‘blessed’ and even at times divinely assisted, it cannot ultimately satisfy the human soul or save human communities.”
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Come, Follow Me

Doctrine and Covenants 89 to 92

“A Principle with Promise”

Fresh produce
In February and March 1833, Joseph Smith received revelation in connection with his meetings with the School of the Prophets. Topics of these revelations included the Word of Wisdom (89), establishing the Church (90), instructions about the Bible translation (91), and instructions about the United Firm (92).
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“‘Ye Are No More Strangers and Foreigners’: Theological and Economic Perspectives on the LDS Church and Immigration

By Walker A. Wright

Young mother and daughter
In this article, Walker Wright seeks to bring to light more information, data, and research on immigration and its effects on communities.
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Book Review

“Trinity and Monotheism”

By Jason Robert Combs

Book cover: Trinity and Monotheism by A. Keith Thompson
What have Jews and Christians throughout history believed about the nature of God? Jason Robert Combs reviews a recent book that tries to address this topic.
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