The Book of Mormon- Disneyfied


I ran across Liken It’s page while looking at the schedule for the LDS Film Festival. They make movies taking stories from the Book of Mormon and the Bible and turning them into Disney type movies complete with song and dance routines. I guess the goal is to present the scriptures in a kid friendly medium. I can see this being a nice substitute for High School Musical or the Lion King on Sundays.

Currently, they have films about Alma and King Noah’s Court, Ammon & King Lamoni, Nephi and Laban, Samuel the Lamanite.

I’ll have to be honest. I thought this was a joke when I first started watching some of the clips. They have Nephi and his brothers doing an N*Sync routine, King Noah singing disco, and the Nephite Archery Core that shot at Samuel the Lamanite doing what looks like a scene riped right from Men in Tights (My question is why Mesoamerican archers look like Robin Hood and his merry men.) I laughed out loud as I watched these clips, but then I realized they were actually wanting me to take this seriously after watching Nephi and his mom sing this tear jerker of a song called “Thy Arms.” (Check out the media center. You have to see them to understand what I’m talking about.)

I don’t know what to think of these movies. They look hilarious. What makes them even funnier is that they’re trying to be serious. However, I think if Liken It’s goal was trying to get people to appreciate the scriptures more, they haven’t done a very good job at it. Quite the contrary, I think they’re just trivializing the scriptures. Haven’t we learned from the Book of Mormon Movie that film makers should just leave the Book of Mormon alone?

Conclusion: Watch Liken It videos for some side bursting hilarity; read your scriptures to liken them unto you.

  1. I think these movies fill a good niche for parents who want entertaining and uplifting stuff for their kids on Sundays. They are dang silly at times, which I think is on purpose. They for sure are not trying to do big-budget dramas.

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