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ART: 12th International Art Competition features recent work of 148 Latter-day Saint artists from around the world exploring the gospel message that “all are alike unto God”


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Select your two favorite artworks and cast your vote. Artists with the most votes will receive a Visitors’ Choice Award. Public voting ends January 31, 2023.

This exhibition of the 12th International Art Competition features recent work of 148 Latter-day Saint artists from around the world exploring the gospel message that “all are alike unto God,” as taught in 2 Nephi 26:33. Among the varied themes found in this rich body of work, viewers will see expressions of inclusion, diversity, community, and the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for all humanity.

The artwork will be on display at the Church History Museum from March 17, 2022 through March 4, 2023, and in the online gallery located at https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/museum/artcompetition/2022


All Nations Shall Flow unto It
Rob Adamson

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
Gifty Annan-Mensah

God’s Light Touches All
Michelle Arrington

The Others
Alyce Bailey

But This Is That which Was Spoken by the Prophet Joel
Joseph Banda

Tiny Vessels
Cassandra Christensen Barney

Names of Christ
Kristin Barrus

Genealogy Bowl #1 and #2 (Because of These)
Hyrum Benson

Sense of Oneness
Paola Bidinelli

Jesus and the Woman Accused
Arawn Billings

Repairing The Halo (of Publican, Sinner, Pharisee, and Saint)
Quin Boardman

Lehi’s Vision
David Ade Bolarinwa

Aren’t We All Beggars?
Christian Bolt

All Are Invited
Wendy Boomhower

I Have Graven Thee
Lauren Borgholthaus

God’s Zoom
Anne Bradham

All Are Alike
Merinda Brighton

El Mismo Origen y Herencia Divina
Georgina Bringas

House + Wilderness
Loren Brown

All May Partake
Tandi Burton

As a Loving Parent
Esther Hi’ilani Candari

Family Dinner
Carrie Ellen Carlisle

Gather Together
Martha Baldwin Carlisle

The Eternal Round
Chu Chu

All Flesh Is in Mine Hand
Serena Clark

Celestial Worlds
Amy Clements

The Redeemer of All
Crystal Close

I Am
Jorge Cocco Santángelo

Searching, Daybreak
Mark Joslin Davis

Act Well Thy Part
Lisa DeLong

Not Forgotten
Tasha Diaz

He Inviteth All, Even a Farm Boy
Jacob Dobson

Gathering under His Wings
Melanie Dugan

Out of the Rolling Ocean
Emily Erekson

Cross Section of a Tree No. 1
Laura Erekson

Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbour
Linda Etherington

Holiness to the Lord
Erin Farnsworth

The Small and Great Designs of God
Carin Fausett

Claire Forste

Dan G.

Jim Galvin

The Covenant of Peace
Bryn Garcia

All Are Encircled in the Arms of His Love
Christa Gedris

Megan Knobloch Geilman

Primary (Triptych)
Daniel George

Roses in the Olive Grove
Susan McBride Gilgen

352 Volumes
Leslie M. W. Graff

Love One Another
Melody Greenlief

Her Ox Goes Marching On – LFA
Katherine Griffin

Judy Gustafson

He Inviteth Them All
David Habben

The Great Spirit Created All
Ima Naranjo Hale

Sue Hansen

To Do His Work
Kamette Harmer

Lift Up the Hands that Hang Down
Diane Hatch

He That Is without Sin
Mikayla Hearty

A Living Entity
Rachel Henriksen

Partake of His Goodness
Tracy Ann Holmes

Beyond Measure
Diantha Smith Hopkins

Melissa Huff

God’s Love
Erik Jensen

Pew Shoes
Carol Johnson

I Had Myself a Wound Concealed
K. Ray Johnson

Encircled in the Arms of His Love
Amy Bunnell Jones

Batchan (Grandma)
Ester Kawai

All Partake of His Goodness
Jonathan Kay

For a Moment
Aaron Keck

Upon the Palms of My Hands
Kody Keller

Tree of Life
Kristi Kirisberg

All Are Alike unto Christ
Moeaki Kivalu

Diversity of Operations and Differences in Administration
Rebecca Klundt

Inviteth Them All
Emma Koepsell

Valley of Ezekiel
Andrew Kosorok

Becoming Godly
McArthur Krishna

Adam Lambert

Andrea Larsen

Come and Partake
Des Leavitt

All Alike?
Aïsha Lehmann

Different but Alike
Corrina Leidy

Common Thread
Kelsy Lightweave

A Covenant Woman
Lisa Long

He Inviteth Them All to Come unto Him and Partake of His Goodness
Maryna Lukach

Thou God Seest Me
Jeanette Lukens

All Children of God
Cortney Lunt

He Inviteth Them All to Come unto Him
Amanda Luschin

Courtney Vander Veur Matz

Hear Him
Adrienne McConkie

The Tapestry of Rescue and Redemption
Joanne McLeish

Thine Iniquity Is Taken Away, and Thy Sin Is Purged
Emily C. McPhie

We Come unto Thee
Emily McQueen

A Royal Priesthood
Aubrie Mema

Hie to Kolob
Jason Metcalf

Elisa May Metzner

A Child’s Prayer
Stacy Weitz Minch

Not Even a Sparrow
Ryan Moffett

How Beautiful upon the Mountains Are the Feet
Susan S. Morris

E Pluribus Unum
Owen Mortensen

Man of Sorrows
Ryan Muldowney

One by One
Caylee Murdock

He Denieth None
Torgesen Murdock

All Are Alike unto God
Valentyna Musiienko

The Sacred Grove
Reena Naidu

Living Water
Steven Newman

For by One Spirit We Are All One Body
Carol Ogden

Into Our Hearts
Jennifer O’Keeffe

Outpouring of Love
Jake Olivare

Perfect Imperfections
Arūnas Ošlapas

Empty II
Tyler Pack

Having Their Hearts Knit Together in Love
Aly Packer

The Invitation
Jenedy Paige

All the Colors Inside of Me
Abigale Palmer

The Way
Del Parson

Léo(nardo) Pereira

God’s Grace
Grace Perez

They Are Precious in His Sight
Fiona Phillips

Jesus Christ Will Reign Personally upon the Earth
Annie Poon

Within the Marrow of Our Bones
Nicole Woodbury Preece

Never Be Lost

The Color of Water I: Colton
Keeley Rae

Remove This Anger from My Heart
GayLynn Ribeira

Praying Christ in Bronze
J. Kirk Richards

Drop by Drop
Megan Rieker

Que Dios Prevalezca
Silvana Rodhes

All Safely Gathered in Christ
Julie Rogers

The Invitation
Michelle Romano

All I Can Offer
Andy Romero

For All His Children
Pamela Salinas

From the Mere Confines of My Heart
Colby Sanford

And He Hath Made of One Blood All Nations of Men
Ashley Henderson Sherwood

Su Luz sobre Todos
Susana Isabel Silva

In the Presence of Greatness
Mary Smith

The Three-Act Play
Austin Wood Smoot

The Tree of Life
Laurie Madsen Snarr

The Love of God
Sabrina Squires

He Doeth That which Is Good among the Children of Men
Erica Stenkrona

I Remember Those Who Are on the Isles of the Sea
Shelby Stroud

Jesus of Nazareth
Anthony Sweat

The Family of Man
John Taye

Together in Christ
Emma Taylor

Making Space for Us
Michelle Franzoni Thorley

The House Where the Spirit Was Strong
Justin Wheatley

Waiting but a Little Longer
Carly White

All Are Alike
Rebecca White

Facing East
Clinton Whiting

Mother of All Living
Kwani Povi Winder

Our Divine Family Tree
Catherine Winfield

The All-Embracing Love of God Is for All People
Heidemarie Winkler

Partake of His Goodness
Julie Yuen Yim
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