Arizona Young Man Abducted Amid Belief in Imminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ




In an unsettling and deeply concerning turn of events, an Arizona family has gone missing after they suddenly purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of survival gear, boarded a plane bound for Idaho, and cut off all communication with their loved ones. The reason behind their abrupt disappearance is their firm belief that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is imminent, and they see themselves as integral figures in this event.

At the center of this situation is 16-year-old Blaze Thibaudeau, who has been reported as missing, and his father, Ben Thibaudeau, fears for his son’s safety. The family firmly believes that Blaze plays a significant role as a chosen individual in the Second Coming. Consequently, they felt compelled to take him to an undisclosed location where he would receive his calling and understand his role in the anticipated event. This extraordinary conviction has led to a mysterious vanishing act, leaving friends and family in anguish.

Blaze is accompanied by his mother, Spring Thibaudeau; his 23-year-old sister, Abi Snarr; and his uncle, Brooke Hale, who is Spring’s brother. None of the family members have been heard from since their disappearance, which raises serious concerns, especially because Blaze is legally required to be returned to his father.

The Thibaudeau family’s fascination with the concept of the Second Coming began when Spring Thibaudeau developed an interest in end-of-days religious topics around 2015. While the couple initially attended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Spring’s obsession with authors who wrote about the Second Coming grew over time. She even ventured into energy healing sessions, which raised concerns for Ben.

In an effort to address Spring’s growing preoccupation with these matters, Ben sought counsel from their ecclesiastical leader, who advised Spring to curtail her involvement in these pursuits for the sake of their marriage. Spring did scale back temporarily but then claimed to have prophetic dreams. Approximately two and a half years ago, she began involving her daughter, Abi, in her beliefs. Abi, in turn, had her own dreams and, together with her mother, felt a growing urgency to stockpile emergency supplies.


Brooke, Spring’s brother, who resided in Provo, Utah, was similarly captivated by doomsday teachings, and they, along with Abi, spent hours discussing these matters daily. Spring began amassing substantial quantities of food and emergency supplies, even including winter gear despite living in Arizona. Her conviction was that the “saints” would need to gather in the mountains during the last days, and she was resolute in her preparations.

Ben, however, states that Blaze, in stark contrast to the rest of the family, was not supportive of these beliefs. He described Blaze as a typical teenager, focused on friends and technology. Blaze was a member of the football team and had worked diligently to earn his place, with remaining games left in the season. Thus, it appeared highly unlikely that he willingly joined in his family’s extraordinary plans.

In April, Spring proposed to Ben that they live apart, prompting him to move out temporarily. Despite this separation, they still shared family meals and attended church together, and their relationship was generally cordial. However, Spring began claiming that church leaders were part of a “secret combination” to cover up Ben’s sins.

Ben reconciled with Spring and returned home at the beginning of October, finding their family situation stable. It was during this period that the situation took a sudden and unexpected turn.

The ordeal extended to Brayden Snarr, who married Abi in June 2021. Roughly six months after their marriage, Abi informed Brayden about a dream she had regarding the last days, leading to the purchase of two years’ worth of food storage. Brayden was initially comfortable with the idea of preparedness, but Abi’s beliefs progressively intensified.

She began watching videos of pastors making prophecies about the end times and was in constant conversation with her mom and uncle about the Second Coming. This year, Abi asked Brayden if he would be willing to leave their home if necessary.

Initially, Brayden interpreted this as a response to potential threats like foreign invasions, but as Abi’s beliefs grew more extreme, she declared that it was time for them to leave, taking her husband by surprise. He was at work when she called, claiming a medical emergency, only to discover that she was packing suitcases. Abi insisted that they needed to get to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport immediately, as her family had flights booked for Boise, where her uncle would pick them up. She refused to disclose their ultimate destination until they arrived in Idaho.

Stricken with confusion and worry, Brayden grappled with the emotional turmoil of the situation. His love for Abi compelled him to consider accompanying her, despite the apparent irrationality of the plan. Abi’s sense of urgency, coupled with the belief in their role in the forthcoming events, weighed heavily on his decision.

Abi contacted her uncle Brooke, who attempted to persuade Brayden by reading scriptures and emphasizing the importance of trusting in God’s plan. He conveyed the belief that Brayden was an integral part of this journey, and that it was meant to be undertaken by the five of them.

Overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil, Brayden went to his car for a moment of solitude. During this time, Spring and Blaze arrived, and Abi proceeded to load up her suitcases. They left for the airport, while Brayden contacted his father in Utah, seeking support during this bewildering situation.

Brayden reached out to Abi via text, attempting to reason with her and make sense of their plans. Abi’s response was simply that it wasn’t too late for him to catch the flight, and she expressed her love for him. Those text messages marked the last communication from her.

Ben was at work when Brayden called with the alarming news of their family’s disappearance. In a state of shock and disbelief, Ben learned that Abi, Blaze, and Spring had left without a trace. An emergency order was issued by an Arizona judge, demanding Blaze’s immediate return to his father, who had temporary sole custody.

Before their departure, Brooke composed a two-and-a-half page “last will and testament” letter, withdrew approximately $50,000 in cash, and divided his assets among his children. In the letter, he spoke of his faith and beliefs in Jesus Christ, expressing the uncertainty of his destination and the hope of reuniting with his loved ones at some point.

This letter, with its cryptic message, further deepened the gravity of the situation. The family is currently surviving on the $50,000 in cash, along with the approximately $4,000 that Abi took with her. To date, there has been no activity on their credit or bank accounts.

Ben has since arrived in Idaho, contacting the Boise Police to report Blaze’s disappearance. Boise Police have referred questions to the jurisdiction where Blaze was reported missing, which is the Gilbert Police Department. reached out to Gilbert Police for comment but had not received a response as of the last update.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Blaze Thibaudeau is asked to call the Boise Police Department at 208-570-6000.

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