Tracking worthiness is hard. And very subjective.

Many people say their palms get sweaty when they think of their upcoming meeting with a member of the bishopric to renew their temple recommend.

How can you set goals for yourself and also feel confident and good when entering the room to declare your worthiness?

Below is one idea . . .

An app

The Temple Recommend Evaluation app is a self-evaluation tool to help you live up to and maintain temple worthy standards. It is an easy way to measure and report where your current temple worthy standing is, see your progress using a graph, and review prophetic counsel related to temple standards.

Whether you already hold a temple recommend or are preparing for one this app will help you be more mindful of what you need to do to live up to the Lord’s standards.

This app can be used as a tool to help you be more productive as you continually seek to live worthy of a temple recommend.

What others are saying about it:

“I haven’t seen an app like this. I plan to use this every time I go to the temple to gage where I was the last time I attended…Thanks for creating this very unique app!” – LRW10098877

“It’s super helpful to know where I am at and what is important in my life.” – Pucks Brother

“Simple app with a great purpose. I like the graph where I can see where I evaluated myself previsouly” – Grofam


Look inside:

Take a look below for a peek of what the app looks like and for a few things included inside.

  • Tutorial to easily understand the app.
  • Temple evaluation statements.
  • Prophetic counsel related to each temple evaluation statement.
  • Scores & graphs showing your progress & more!

Temple Recommend Evaluation App lds Mormon latter-day saints utah

The goal for the app is to help you gain more confidence and faith in yourself as you always seek to live worthy of a temple recommend.

The following information found in this app is publicly available on As a reminder, this app does not supersede the interviews you have with your priesthood leaders when determining your temple worthiness. Those interviews are the most important evaluations you can have.

Currently this app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.