Amazing Red Cliffs Temple Media Tour Experience! (This Work is TRUE!) | True Millennial

Amazing Red Cliffs Temple Media Tour Experience! (This Work is TRUE!) | True Millennial


Set an appointment to tour Red Cliffs Temple here: 

Bryce Dunford’s Temple Symbol Masterclass:   

 • Temple Symbols 01: The Lord’s Use of …  

0:00 – Reserve Tour for Red Cliffs Temple Open House
5:10 – Angel’s Landing Original Painting
– Overwhelming Spirit Entering for the First Time
9:27 – God Builds us Like His Temple
10:38 – Every Day is the Day of the Dead
– Sister Runia’s Patriarchal Blessing Prophecy
15:02 – Preparing Children to Make & Keep Covenants
17:33 – Worth Is NOT Dependent on Obedience
20:28 – Why Temples Take So Long to Build
23:13 – Spirit Witnessed: This Work is TRUE!
28:05 – Holy Places, Holy People, Holy Truths, & LISTEN
31:38 – Testifying of Holy Truths Has Refined Me
34:18 – Making the Temple Our Home and Our Homes a Temple
39:21 – Invitation to Visit the Temple

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