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A Refreshing View of Repentance (The Higher Attitudes Podcast)


Do you cringe when you hear the word repentance? Does it make you feel a sense of guilt or shame even if there is nothing you feel you need to repent of currently?

Repentance can be an emotional word for many people. So, if you feel heavy or burdened when you think about repentance, know that there is a better, a refreshing way to view repentance.

Join me for this episode of the Higher Attitudes Podcast, where I talk about how I have learned to that repentance really is a positive thing when we learn to view it the way God want us to.

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The Higher Attitudes Podcast is hosted by Tom and Julie Obenchain, life-long members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their mission is to invite members of the church as well as other Christians, and even non-Christians to learn to think, feel, and act in ways that are a little higher than the ways we think, feel, and act today. They invite their listeners to develop attitudes that are, well, higher. Each episode is uplifting and designed to be shared with members and non-members alike. 

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You canlearn more about Tom and Julie and the Higher Attitudes project onthe Higher Attitudes website.For more episodes you can  subscribe for free on iTunes, Google PlayStitcher, or iHeart Radio. Visit the show’s “How to Listen page” for full list of listening options.

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