A modern retelling of the story of Job (sci-fi version animatic) | Angel Studios

A modern retelling of the story of Job (sci-fi version animatic) | Angel Studios

You’ve heard ANGEL STUDIOS rave about The Shift as being an incredible Sci-Fi story that teaches amazing principles and makes you think deeper than most movies out there. Sometimes that is hard to completely visualize unless you can see it.

Brock, the creator, has made an incredible 10-minute animatic which will give you an idea of the amazing scope of the story he wants to tell.

I know that when I saw it, it immediately shifted my perspective because of how compelling the story, music, and ideas are and it helped me see further into Brock’s vision for The Shift.





THE SHIFT is the first feature film supported by Angel Studios. It’s an uplifting story set in a sci-fi world, showing the struggle to maintain faith in God in the midst of great trial.


The market for faith-based drama is stronger than ever, and the biggest box office hits of all time are mostly sci-fi films. By telling a Sunday-approved story via a popular genre (like C.S. Lewis did), we hope to create a Christian story that’s as entertaining as a blockbuster hit.


We intend to team up with Angel Studios, the production company that brought you The Chosen, to share this feature film full of Christian values with the world. Between us, Angel Studios, and your support, we believe we can do it better than Hollywood ever could.


Over $700,000 was raised in previous crowdfunding rounds from over 1,500 investors. That tells us that there is a major appetite for a Christian film that doesn’t preach, condescend, or fall apart halfway through.


A team of talented professionals (who also believe in God, which we find crucial when making a story about God) are already at work on this film, including Executive Producer Dallas Jenkins, the creator of THE CHOSEN.


Partner with us to create a faith-based film even non-believers will want to watch. We’ll show the world that a well-executed Christian allegory has real power at the box office.

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