5 Great Gift Ideas for Techie Mormon Dads


One week until Father’s Day. If you want to get your Dad, husband, or other significant man in your life a gift on Father’s Day, I compiled a quick list of things most techie Mormon Dads would love. I kept them all under $40 (less than that nice bouquet of flowers he got you/mom), and listed products that I either own/use myself, or are very highly recommended by people or sources I trust. I’ve used affiliate links throughout, so your Father’s Day purchase also helps keep MLH going, publishing great content. Also, on most of these items, you can get them by Father’s day if you order in the next 2 days (by Tues the 14th), or Wed, if you have Amazon Prime.

1. Sound at Work & Around the House

Dad’s like music and listening to their favorite podcast or maybe even just some white noise, to create a little virtual quiet space. Here’s a few ideas if you know he could use ways to listen:

  • Wireless, over-ear headphones from Mixcder. Usually over-ear headphones in this price range are wired. These come with lots of the latest tech, including wireless Bluetooth connection. They’re highly rated, recommended by CNET, are packed with all the latest tech: Bluetooth 4.1, a mic so you can answer phone calls with them on, a pairing system that allows 2 sets to received the same audio at the same time, and great wireless range. These may feature teeny-bopper girls in the product pics, but Dad will thank you for these, when he hears how great they sound, and enjoys the freedom of not being tethered to his laptop or phone with a wire.
  • Sport wireless earbuds by Aukey. These are great for the Dad who likes to listen while exercising or working in the yard. They seal-off the ear well enough that I could run a chain-saw and feel like my hearing was protected. They also sit lightly on the head while running or doing other workouts. Battery life is great and sound is plenty good listening while active.

2. Reading & Study

As LDS people we all should be studying the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. These excellent books will help any Dad enhance his scripture study and understanding.

  • Understanding the Book of Mormon by Grant Hardy. This highly acclaimed “reader’s guide” isn’t your typical study guy. It looks deeply at our central book of scripture, and takes readers on a journey of discovering those depths. Dad will be grateful for the opportunity to enhance his study, by reading this book, and proud to have it on his bookshelf to loan out for years to come.
  •  The Book of Mormon Made Harder by James E. Faulconer. Too many scripture guides try to make everything easier. We like easier, right? The problem with easier is they spoon-feed it to you. They don’t teach you to look deeper and ask questions about what you read. This excellent book takes that very different approach and helps Dad’s (or anyone) ask more questions, to look get past the “sunday school answers” as we way. Rather than providing all the answers, this book helps us ask the questions that lead to deep and powerful scripture study.
  • Audible Membership. One great gift for Dad’s who drive a lot, love to learn, love to read, etc, is a gift membership to Audible.com. This way they can select the books they want to read and get 1 or 2 new ones each month.

3. Driving & Travel

Dad’s often drive. Whether their the primary driver on long family trips, or just commute to work every day, they tend to be in the car a lot. Here’s a couple great gadgets to make vehicle time more enjoyable for your Dad.

  • Bluetooth to FM transmitter from RicoRich. If the Dad in your life commutes, or must drive long distances for work, but doesn’t have an easy way (like built-in bluetooth) to play his phone’s sound through the car stereo, this is an easy and inexpensive solution. Basically he’ll pair his phone to this device via Bluetooth. This device then takes that sound and broadcasts it as a short-range FM broadcast. All Dad has to do is tune his radio to the same station and he can listen to any audio his phone plays, through the vehicle’s speakers.
  • Car cup-holder phone cradle from Macally. Phones are easier and safer to use in the car, when they’re held steady, so the driver doesn’t have to both hold-on to them and touch the screen at the same time. This excellent little cradle is easy to mount securely in any car’s cupholder, and holds any size phone securely. Your Dad will be glad he has this if he uses his phone at all, in the car.
  • Portable power battery by Anker. Phones just don’t have the juice to get most of us through a day. Dad’s are no exception. This power brick will recharge a phone many times over, as well as tablets and other USB-charged devices. It’s quick-charge compatible, so devices that support that will be able to get a lot of juice in a short time. Dad will be happy to have this when he travels, works out of the office, or even at church when his phone’s battery indicator turns red.

4. Journaling

We’ve been encouraged to journal daily. Elder Eyring told us we should record some way the Lord has blessed us each day. Modern psychology has discovered that daily recording of things you’re grateful for, helps you become a happier person.

  • The 5 Minute Journal by Intelligent Change. This awesome journal was created to make journaling quick and easy. It won’t let Dad’s record long entries that burn them out on journaling, and make them not do it again, after the first time. Instead it creates a simple structure and system that encourages journaling daily, and helps you form the habit. Unlike most journals, it also includes extensive instructions at the beginning, to help you understand how to use it, and why the system works. There’s even an iPhone app for Dad’s that prefer Apple and digital recording, to handwritten.

If you choose this awesome gift, you’ll want to order it right away, as there’s a 1-2 day processing period, plus shipping is USPS 3-5 day. Usually that is more like 3 days, but just to be safe, you’d better give yourself the full week.

5. Dad Wear

Dad’s like food. Dad’s also like humor, even if it’s on the corny side. You could buy Dad this original T-Shirt that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • My Love Language is Food” T-Shirt by Jill. This is a first for MLH: Jill came up with this funny meme and we put it on a t-shirt. We think Dad’s will love it. It speaks to Mormon culture on multiple levels, has a light grunge texture on the typesetting (for coolness), and and every sale supports MLH. We’ve priced it under Teespring’s recommended price, at $19.99 it’s perfect for you to give to Dad this Father’s Day.

T-Shirt Caveat

Here’s the problem though: we’re doing it through TeeSpring. The way they handle this sort of thing, they don’t ship until the ordering period is over. So these will not be available by Father’s Day. You can order this week, if you like it, but will likely arrive the following week, between Thurs. the 23rd and Mon the 26th.

Tell us what you got for your Dad, or what you think of these gift ideas, in the comments below.

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