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Designer & creator of the new 'Mormon Life Hacker'. Tevya keeps a personal blog, & another called Sacred Symbolic, about learning through symbolism.

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Family Before Phone – Behaviorally-Sound New Years Resolutions

I've read a lot of posts and seen a lot of videos and other things encouraging people to get off their phones and live in the "real world." I even know people who talk about divorcing their smartphone altogether, going back to a dumb phone, or even no mobile phone at all. I think that's admirable: to want to put people and family above technology. Here's my personal problem with it: I DON'T WANT TO GO BACKW ...

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Review of the Republic Wireless Beta Phone (Moto Defy XT) & Service

Republic Wireless is a revolutionary (in the disruptive-innovation sense) new phone carrier. Currently it's shipping the popular Why? They offload as much of your phone calls and data to WiFi, as possible. That means they can charge a fraction of the price of normal carriers, while still offering complete Sprint coverage/service when WiFi is not available. I have not yet used their service (though I hope to ...

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Tithing Settlement In 2 Days (Share This Gift With Your Bishopric)

If you're not a member of a bishopric, please share this with a member of yours. The gift of time might be the best thing you can give them this Christmas season. Tithing settlement for most members of the Church is a short event where you show up at the church with your family, review your records briefly, then sit down with the Bishop to declare whether or not you're a full tithe payer, and then chat with ...

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What Tom Clancy Had to Say About Mormons & the Temple

I used to read a lot of fiction. In Jr High and Highschool, my favorite author was Tom Clancy. Mr Clancy died 2 days ago on Oct 1st, at 66. He was a master story teller when it came to current events and the political/military thriller. He single-handedly reinvented the genre, with a focus on technical depth and realism that most modern thrill writers still fail to capture. Jack Ryan, his main character, an ...

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How To Remove the “Ads” From Your PayPal Account

If you want to send or receive money other than via check or cash, PayPal as become the go-to tool for it. This is mostly because it was the first service to offer those solutions. Now, with a lot of competition and innovation in the finance arena, it seems behind the times and overly-complicated to accomplish the most basic tasks. Still, because "everybody" has it, it's still a necessary evil. I find it ve ...

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A Date Night That Might Actually Change Your Life (or Help You Do It)

As I recently watched MLH contributor Kurt Francom interview Joseph Grenny (one of the authors of Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success), I was amazed to realize his organization had done extensive research on the effectiveness of home and visiting teaching. Though he only touched on it briefly, I found it fascinating: there is no statistical relationship between number (or percentage) of vis ...

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The Power of Questions 2: The Golden If/Then Question

The previous article in this series covered how to use closed-ended questions to discover a problem, when you had a clear understanding of the steps the person needs to take to progress, repent, or otherwise better themselves and their life. But what about when you don't have that understanding? Or when the possibilities are too numerous to ask about each one? Or what about when you resolve the concern they ...

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Using Asana to Manage Your Ward or Auxiliary – MLH Live Hangout #3

Previously I posted about using the excellent, free, "Getting Things Done" tool, Asana, in your ward or other church-related organization. Today, I interviewed Bishops & MLH-contributors Jeff VanDrimmelen and Kurt Francom about how they're using Asana to better organize their Bishopric's, ward council's, and auxiliaries. Both told me (and those viewing the live broadcast) about how Asana has helped them ...

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Housekeeping: No More Feedburner Emails, RSS Readers, & Design Updates

No More Feedburner Emails Previously we had an option where people could sign up for email updates via Feedburner. This has been killed as of today. If you were one of these subscribers, we'll send you an email encouraging you to signup for our new email newsletter, which is managed via MailChimp. The email newsletter signup form that's been in our sidebar (just to the right with the orange title bar) since ...

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How to Amass 250GB+ of FREE DropBox-Like Cloud Storage with Copy

This will only take you $25 (or less) and 2hrs time (or less), and save you potentially hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years, vs paying for backup or cloud-sync storage. Limited Time Opportunity The key here is Copy, a new DrobBox-like service that's trying to grow it's userbase quickly and virally. They're offering a limited-time offer (they don't say when it will end) where you get 15GB of ...

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