What Blogs Do You Follow? & A Call for Authors


Tell Us What Blogs You Follow

At MLH we’d like to know what blogs our readers follow? We’re looking for various sources of tips, tricks, and other hacks for Mormon life. We’d like to share stuff from other great sites out there on the bloggernacle, but need help finding the sites worth our time. So if you have a great LDS blog you follow for do-it-yourself projects, or one for the latest in family history technology, or perhaps one with great food storage shortcuts, or any site that will yield great stuff for us to summarize or spark original articles, please let us know in the comments below.

Call for Authors

Mormon Life Hacker relies on the volunteer contributions of its authors and readers. We’ve seen some great tips and ideas from a few readers but would like to get many more. So if you have an idea for an article you’ve been thinking about, please let us know! Or if its something you feel you could write-up yourself, go ahead and write it, then email it to me at tevya@mormonlifehacker.com. Pictures or screenshots are always appreciated, to help better illustrate.

Also, if you love what we do here, and feel you can commit to 1 article per week, month, or quarter, we’d love to have you join our team! We only need 3 people to commit to 1 article/quarter to provide 1 more great life hack each month.

Even if you follow a lot of websites that give content we should cover here, we’d appreciate articles that not original, but rather a quick summary of content from another site, with a block quote and a picture. We want to bring our readers the best Mormon life hacks out there, and we’d love to have your help. You’ll promote your own site through your author profile, and we are open to things like affiliate linking (with disclosure of course), etc. Once again, just email me or use the contact page if you want to help.

  1. http://dealstomeals.blogspot.com/

    This is the best, most practical food storage blog I've found. They cover the old-school basic food storage ideas, but also have great info on ways to follow the current guideline of obtaining 3 months storage of foods typically eaten by our families. And they feature recipes using food storage items, and items on sale at local stores.

  2. Here are a few of the useful sites I follow:
    http://makeuseof.com – Great site that features lots of new tools around the web, interspersed with life hacking articles.
    http://artofmanliness.com – Nothing extremely innovative, but well-written and more intensive look at many principals related to life-hacking.
    http://30dollardatenight.com – For dating ideas (not always great, but sometimes a good one in there)
    http://wisebread.com – Good advice on doing stuff cheaper.
    http://web.appstorm.com – Lists and reviews new web apps.
    http://minimalmac.com – Discussing ways to use OS X without extraneous software.
    http://putthison.com – Classic men’s style with useful tips (the episode on shoes is AWESOME).

    As for submitting articles, I’ve got a few ideas I’ll send your way, since my blog (http://youshouldbe.net) was originally a sort of life-hacking site. I’ve since changed emphasis, but still have some ideas.

  3. http://visitingteachingtips.blogspot.com

    This is the original blog that began as a blog for visiting teachers that provided tips, handouts and ideas to help and motivate them to get their visiting done. It got too big so they added a companion blog that is a storage unit for all the printables, ideas, handouts, templates, etc. That blog is http://visitingteachingsurprise.blogspot.com. Both blogs have great and original ideas and a large readership.

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