What are the top 10 key lessons, teachings, principles, and learning found in 1 Nephi Chapters 1-5? | #ComeFollowMe

What are the top 10 key lessons, teachings, principles, and learnings found in 1 Nephi Chapters 1-5? | #ComeFollowMe


The first five chapters of 1 Nephi, the first book in the Book of Mormon, have a lot of incredible teachings and principles. In reading these chapters, consider the following:

  1. The reality of prophesy: Lehi, Nephi’s father, has a very real and vivid prophetic dream. His prophesy warns the people of Jerusalem about their pending destruction if they don’t repent (1 Nephi 1:4–15). We, too, have access to personal revelation.
  2. God hears and answers prayers: When Nephi sought to understand his father’s dream, he turned to God in prayer and his prayer was answered (1 Nephi 2:16). Nephi wanted to know if what his father saw and experienced was real, and he found out through the power of prayer and personal revelation.
  3. Faith requires action: When God commanded Lehi’s family to leave Jerusalem, they didn’t just believe in the commandment—they actually packed up their things and left (1 Nephi 2:4). Do we respond in like manner when something is told to us by the Spirit? Do we need nudges or do we act quickly?
  4. Importance of scriptures: Nephi and his brothers return to Jerusalem to obtain the brass plates which contain the scriptures (1 Nephi 3-4). We, too, need to study and ponder the scriptures.
  5. The Lord prepares a way: The Lord told Nephi that He would prepare a way for him to accomplish the things He commanded of him (1 Nephi 3:7). Each of us today can realize the same promise.
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  6. The power of the Spirit: Nephi is guided by the spirit in killing Laban to retrieve the brass plates, demonstrating the power and guidance of the Holy Ghost (1 Nephi 4:10–18).
  7. Obedience brings blessings: Nephi’s obedience to the Lord’s commandments resulted in their success and safety. (1 Nephi 4:14–35)
  8. Importance of family: The lessons and trials in these chapters often revolve around Nephi’s family, underlining the significance of family relationships in the gospel (1 Nephi 5).
  9. Testimonies need to be shared: Sariah, who initially had doubts about Lehi’s visions, shared her testimony with her family after Lehi’s prophesy was fulfilled, underlining the importance of openly sharing our testimonies with others (1 Nephi 5:8).
  10. Gratitude to God: After Lehi’s family safely returned to camp, they took the opportunity to offer sacrifices and express gratitude to God (1 Nephi 5:9).

What would you add? Take some time for reflection and learning.


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