Unwavering Faith | President M. Russell Ballard – powered by Happy Scribe

Well, my mother is a Smith that gets me into a lot of intravenous. Robert Smith came to the United States in the late 60s and hundreds and he settled in Topsfield. The world needs to understand that the community just outside of Boston, about 15 miles or something, was really the gathering place of preparing the prophet, Joseph Smith. It’s a remarkable family line as it relates to church service and the dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ. I read everything I can about them and I stand in awe of the absolute unwavering faith of that branch of the Smith family.

They were believers. They knew the Lord.

To me, one of the great tributes to Joseph Smith senior and Lucy Mack Smith was when young Joseph said to his mother what had happened, she believed him. So I think that believing blood comes from Topsfield back into England. And that line, as Brigham Young said, that the Smith family had been in the eye of the creator from the foundations of the creation of the world.