Mother’s Day & Mary the Mother of Jesus

As we prepare this weekend to honor mothers on Mother’s Day, we can also reflect on the mothers in the scriptures. In the genealogy of Christ, we learn of five such mothers whose lives leave a legacy and example for us to follow. One of these mothers is the most revered and respected by those in many religions, Mary, the literal mother of Jesus. Studying the historical background of life in Israel, this video considers who Mary was and how she exhibited her faith and courage.

I hope as you watch the video, you will gain a better appreciation for the amazing woman Mary is. She faced many trials, yet she overcame them through her faith and belief in the Savior.

Happy Mother’s Day!


In the first chapter of Matthew, we read of the genealogy of Jesus Christ including five mothers who each played a critical role in continuing the bloodline of the Savior, but most significant is the literal mother of the Savior, Mary. We are introduced to her before Christ is born, learn of her tender experiences with Him during His life and ministry, and discover she was a witness of His death and a disciple after His ascension to the Father. Only Mary, the mother of Jesus, can claim to be such a unique witness of the Messiah.


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