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What is the greatest series ever written?

The Greatest Series Ever Written – powered by Happy Scribe

What is the greatest series ever written? The Old Testament, the New Testament and the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, their collective history about God and us in the Old Testament, we learn about the creation of the world of Adam and Eve, of Noah and Moses and the New Testament. God gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. He showed us the way to live and died for us so we can return to God again. In the Book of Mormon, the resurrected savior visited the people of ancient America, Jesus taught them his gospel and they strive to follow his teachings.

Their triumphs and struggles have shown millions how to find peace and direction. Today. So what is the greatest series ever written, the holy scriptures, the word of God, no other words give greater meaning to our lives and their teachings lead us to greater happiness. The Bible and the Book of Mormon, maybe separate books there. The same story. Isn’t it time you read all of it? We have a free copy of the Book of Mormon that’s just for you, and you don’t have to read it alone.

Just click below and missionaries in your area. We’ll set up an online or in-person visit to help you get started.

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