VIDEO: Our thoughts about General Conference | October 2022 | Saints Unscripted

VIDEO: Our thoughts about General Conference | October 2022 | Saints Unscripted


Our thoughts about General Conference | October 2022 – powered by Happy Scribe

In that same talk when he said goodbye to everyone, I just felt that he kind of teared up a little bit and said that he loved us and God be with you till we meet again.

It should be illegal for the church to say stuff like that and then play God be with you till we meet again.

It’s the closest thing.

That’s not fair.

That hurt a little bit. Hopefully he’s with us longer.

I hope so.

We just don’t know. Hey, guys, welcome back to Saints and Scripted. We are super pumped to be here today. Going to talk a little bit about General Conference, which was amazing. We’re here with Cameron. It’s been a minute.

It’s been a while. Yeah, couple of years.

A couple of years since we lasted an episode with him. We’re going to put that link that somewhere so you guys can check it out. So where you been? What’s been going on?

Let’s see. Two years ago I was going to BYU Covet. Hit and online school just wasn’t vibing with me. So I dropped out of college and had the opportunity to go work at a leprosy colony in Molokai, Hawaii. And so I spent three months there and then moved to a different island and lived there for another nine months or so. And then God was like, you need to go back to school. So I dropped back into college and now I’m back in Parlour.

Dropped back in after living in a leprosy colony, which, by the way, it’s not really a leprosy. Like, it’s not like they all have leprosy.



Not anymore. Yeah, if you want to look it up. Kabul Papa is what it’s called. It’s a fascinating story. Lots of church history there too.

That’s kind of cool. Look it up. Well, we’re just going to go into General Conference a little bit for those of you in our audience who are not quite familiar with it. Basically we have general conference twice a year. All of the leaders of the church, the prophet, the apostles, and other leaders, they prepare messages and they address everyone in the church and everyone in the world who wants to watch conference. And it’s awesome because they do it really prayerfully. And that’s just kind of a way for us to hear what God wants us to hear and receive some personal revelation and some help in our lives. So we just recently had our October 1, just this last weekend. And I don’t know, it was pretty great. It was fantastic. Generally we tend to see some themes, like just kind of some messages that tend to pop up more than once. And we actually had some audience we asked our audience what they thought.

Walk. Like Christ. Yeah, walk.

Christ was a big one.

Lots of forgiveness and repentance, more Christ, which was I think that’s been a fantastic theme of the last couple of years, is recentering. Our focus on the savior and making conference less about the spectacle and more about Jesus himself. Testimonies Christ. Love Jesus Christ. Christ charity was a huge one.


Lots of talks about how charity is the most important thing. Testimony, abuse present, and also covered abuse pretty strongly.

He did. And Sister E talked a little bit about that with, like, forgiveness, too.

Yeah. Personal conversion charity.

I think those are belonging. A few people talked about belonging and inclusivity. So really cool things. I do love the centering back on Jesus Christ. And that was awesome. And also the 18 new temples.

I read somewhere the other day that President Nelson, of the 300 temples that have been announced, president Nelson has announced 118 of them in the last four years.

Oh, my gosh.

The man just does not slow down.

No, he doesn’t. He’s like the Energizer Bunny. And I thought it was cool because he was like, yeah, we have 160, like, something temples now. We’ve announced like 50 recently, and we’re building like 60. I don’t know if that wasn’t correct numbers, but it was something like that. It was like huge numbers. And then he was like, and here are more temples. I was like, no way. There cannot be more. And 18 more.

And temple growth seems much stronger than church growth at the moment.

Yeah, it kind of feels that way.

And I feel like this is President Nelson’s direction of we’re planning ahead a little bit because I feel like the prophets know something’s coming and the church is going to need all of that support that it can get over the next couple of years.

That’s such a good point. I love that they actually didn’t announce any new temples in Utah. We’re just finally for once. But yeah, we’ve got them all over the place. We got Philippines and Korea and a couple in Brazil, which is cool. I was excited about Tacoma, Washington. I have a bunch of family up there and their main template in Seattle.

Yeah. Moses Lake is coming in at some point, I heard, too, from a couple of years ago.

Yes. So that’s cool. And then, of course, the Mexico City.

Yeah. Four in Mexico. That’s amazing. Not just Mexico, but Mexico City. I know it’s a little bit of a drive, but I thought it was amazing for them to announce this all the same time.

Yeah, I mean, that’s a massive city. It’s huge. I was blown away when I went to the MTC there. There were some really good talks. It was really hard to narrow this down. But what were some that you obviously, I’ve got two.

I wish President Nelson would have gone on longer, and I wish other Hollands would have gone on longer. I could have listened to those talks for another 45 minutes each.

They were so good.

But specifically, President Nelson, I loved how he talked about how keeping covenants is the easy thing. When I was in Hawaii. I was walking on the beach one day and I kept stumbling because the sand was loose. Right. And I stopped for a second. I’m like, why would anyone build a house on sand that doesn’t make any sense? And I thought about the parable of wise man versus foolish man. I think what Jesus might have been saying is, not only is that foundation not going to stand, it’s going to be infinitely more difficult for you to build that house in the first place. It just doesn’t make any sense, right. Starting on a strong foundation, you can lay your materials down. You don’t have to worry about anything shifting. It’s hard to walk in sand. Right. And there’s one of my favorite verses in Alma, I think it’s Alma 37. Alma is talking to human, I think. And he essentially says, let’s not be swaffol because of the easiness of the way for so it was prepared that if we might look, we might live. Right. And I was reading that on my mission and I stopped and I was like, the easiness what church isn’t easy.

But the more I thought about it, overall, it just makes things so much easier. And President Allison mentioned that. He said, if you keep the covenants, it’s so much easier to stay on the covenant path than to wander off and try to do your own thing. It’s just not going to work.

Yeah, I love that he emphasized that. And he really just gave so much hope about just the future and where we’re standing as saints and as the church. And I just felt so hopeful by what he said because he did address the fact that there’s a lot of scariness and bad things happening in the world, but he said good things are coming for the sake.

Now, what did he say?

He said, I actually wrote it down.

So many wonderful things are ahead. In coming days, we will see the greatest manifestations of the Savior’s power that the world has ever seen.

That’s crazy. That is crazy. Think about the things that Christ has done in recorded scripture and he’s going to pass those that’s in nuts to.

Me and kind of going off. While we’re talking about President Nelson, he did address the fact that he was sitting on a stool. I thought that was interesting. His sweet wife, he said, she’s always taking care of me and making sure I’m taking care of myself and whatnot. But, man, in that same talk, when he said goodbye to everyone, I just like, felt that he kind of cheered up a little bit.

I love you. May God be with you. Shall we meet again?

It should be illegal for the church to say stuff like that and then play Gabi with you till we meet again at the closest thing. That’s not fair.

That hurt a little bit. Hopefully he’s with us longer.

I hope so.

We just don’t know because I remember.

A couple of years ago, president Hinckley said something similar and people were like, oh, he’s going to be gone, but he lasted another like, eight years or something.

Oh, really?

Yeah. So I’m hoping that’s the case.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he just kept going.

I feel like President Nelson has accomplished what he was called to do in the first place, but I hope we have him for a little bit longer.

Yeah, I hope so, too. Another great one that we kind of want to address as well is the Elder Eggdorf has talked about the strength of youth and the new pamphlet that’s coming out finally. I know, I’m like, where was this one on? Did you have a chance to look at it?

I looked over a couple of sections, yeah. I was very impressed with the trust that it feels like the Lord is giving the youth now. And he’s like, you’re smart, you know what you’re doing. Make your own decisions, follow the spirit. I thought that went really well. Hand in hand with the talk that was given a couple of minutes later about personal revelation and the bounds right, the bounds of that personal revelation. You can’t take it too far. If it doesn’t match up with Scripture, if it doesn’t match up with what the prophets are saying, back off a little bit. Right?


But the ability to pray and think and act for yourself, I think the world needs more and more of that as things get a little bit harder.

Yeah, I like that. It said and somewhere in the beginning of the pamphlet, it said, the Lord trusts you, which was cool. And I like how it outlined each section. It has eternal truths and then invitations and what was the other one? There were like three different parts sections. And then it had questions at the end as well, which I just thought was so helpful. Like questions that people actually have. Anyway. Really cool to see this direction. It kind of feels like the we’re kind of back when they kind of strayed from the law of Moses. We’re doing that more autonomous, like, okay, center Christ and everything that you do and everything else will fall into place. So way cool. And if you want to go more into the Holland one too, you can, because that was also really good.

That seemed more of a specific talk. Sometimes he goes broad and then sometimes he goes very, very narrow. And that was one of his more narrow ones.

It was.

Which was interesting because I haven’t seen a ton recently about people getting upset oliver, the cross or why we don’t use it. But I mean, I’m not tuned into what the brethren see.

Yeah, I thought that was cool. You brought up specifics. I liked that he specifically addressed the cross. Sister Yee was very specific about her upbringing and her dad and hardships that she experienced. I just saw that a lot of people related with that, which was cool.

I love specifically when she talked about something like, just because you’ve forgiven them doesn’t mean you have to continue in the same abusive relationship.

Yeah, you can distance yourself.

You can distance yourself, but you can still forgive them as a person. That was very important, super important.

And another one that I feel like that hasn’t been talked about too much that I know of in General Conference was I don’t know if I even saying his name right. Gerald Cassay.

Oh, yeah.

Gerald Bishop. Yeah. He talked about just the creation, like, taking care of the environment, taking care of this beautiful world that God has given us and taking care of each other and appreciating the ability that we have to create and taking care of that stewardship. I just love that so much. I don’t know. I just haven’t heard them talk that specifically about just taking care of, like, and beautifying the earth and being a good steward over it in its creations. I just love that. Oh, my gosh, it was just so good. I want to go back, and I will admit, the afternoon session, I stayed up way too late the night before, and I fell asleep during some of those talks.

So I’m going to there’s a great story and acts there’s a great story and acts of a kid falling out a window as Paul is teaching because he’s too tired. And Paul’s been going on for so long, and he, like, dies. He falls out his window and dies. And Paul has to run down and revive him by the power of God. And so if it’s in the scriptures that someone can fall asleep and die in the middle of General Conference and be fine, I don’t see why that’s not okay for me. I think it’s more important to spend the next six months reviewing, because that’s a lot of information. That’s 10 hours of spiritual bombardment, and it’s really hard to sort through that in the moment.


I think spending the next six months really picking through all of that is going to be way more important than.

Yeah, that’s why we have it every six months, so you can spend that time studying. Get ready for the next one. Okay, well, I think we’re good, but thank you guys for joining us. Let us know in the comments what your favorite talks were or messages that you heard. Any thoughts? We’d love to read them. So stay sweet, guys. That’s dumb.

Don’t ever say that.

No, I said keep going. Keep rolling. Keep rolling. It nice, guys. Right after so it was funny because I didn’t eat that.

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