VIDDEO: Inspiring Short — Always Remember Being Saved | Thomas B. Griffith | BYU

VIDEO: Inspiring Short — Always Remember Being Saved | Thomas B. Griffith | BYU


Inspiring Short: Always Remember Being Saved | Thomas B. Griffith – powered by Happy Scribe

Several years ago, I heard elder Gerald Fund of the 70 describe a magazine article about a school that taught people how to rock climb. The article discusses the concept of Belaying, the failsafe system that protects climbers. One climber gets into a safe position, fastens the rope securely in a fixed position, then calls to his companion, You’re on belay. Meaning I’ve got you.

The director of the school, a Mr. Zen Kush, described his experience with Belaying. Now quoting from the article, Belaying has brought Zen Kush his best and worst moments in climbing. Zen Kush once fell from a high precipice, yanking out three mechanical supports and pulling his belayer a ledge. He was stopped upside down 10ft from the ground when his spread eagled belayer arrested the fall with the strength of of his outstretched arms. Don saved my life, says Ankush.

How do you respond to a guy like that? Give him a used climbing rope for Christmas? No, I you remember him. You just always remember him, Gordon B. Hinckley told us recently.

No member of this Church must ever forget the terrible price paid by our Redeemer, who gave his life that all men might live the agony of Gethsemane the bitter mockery of his trial, the vicious Crown of thorns tearing his flesh, the blood of the mob before pilot the lonely burden of his heavy walk along the way to Calvary. The terrifying pain is great. Nails pierced his hands and feet. We cannot forget that. We must never forget it.

For here, our Savior, our Redeemer, the Son of God, gave himself a vicarious sacrifice for each of us. I believe that one way, the best way and possibly the only way to meet President Titles challenge is to focus all we do on the atonement of Christ. This is the very root of Christian doctrine. May we always remember him and the price he paid to win our souls.



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