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We had been poor for so long and I didn’t want to be poor, and so I worked hard, I worked really hard, and then things came together and and we had more than enough one day driving down a road, getting horrible accident. And all of that was taken away. Life changed in that moment in the ways I wouldn’t have even imagined. We were pretty struggling for like about eight years after eight years and like it popped and life started to happen, we were able to do a lot of good and try to live with the savior had gone in and had a great time doing that.

I had life by the tail, you know. We were down visiting family. We’re heading north. Afford three fifty fully loaded heading south, came across three lanes of traffic and blew through the side of us. I end up losing my financial agency. We had two years of savings and I thought I had a disability policy for four, three months after I was disabled to be about three months. As long as I say, well, that came and went and tears came when I was still disabled.

We had lost everything we were at that point with a traumatic brain injury comes mood challenges, frustration and anger. And the interesting thing is, too, is you don’t feel like you’re different, but you know you’re different. I realized through the process of going through all the trauma and all that was taken away, I learned to to be more OK with receiving help. There was a talk given by another ecclesiastical leader, Jeffrey R. Holland. He talks about fathers looking into the eyes of their children.

I’m wondering if they’re going to make it, if they’re going to be able to be the dad they need or if they’re going to be. Able to provide for their kids, for their wife. And it was hard it was a hard thing for me to take because I had I had worked so, so hard to. To become successful in my career and when that was ripped away from me because of the inconsistent decision of another person who decided to text while they were driving.

It was hard, say. It was hard to take. During all of this process and all that we’ve we faced, it changes the man I was already very loving to people really compassionate, but not at the level that I am now. That accident robbed me of of my financial security and of a career that I had worked so hard to build. But it’s offered me even more than I already was in it and my compassion level for those who suffer.

Became greater than I could have ever imagined at the point when our backs have been against the wall and we’ve done everything that we could do. Heavenly Father has never left us completely without. He’s always been there. The evidence of Christ love is not in monetary success, not in the good or the bad that has happened or that’s happening to me. It’s in the intrinsic values that I get to enjoy. It’s in having a family with children that love me.

It’s in a wife that is committed and kind to me being able to go to church on Sunday and feel the influence of the Holy Ghost for peace and love in my life. And knowing that no matter what’s happening right now, though, there are good things to come. And and that and that hope has always been has always been validated. It’s always been validated. And had I not faced all that I faced, I wouldn’t know him like I know him today.

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