As the world speaks less of Jesus Christ, let us speak more of Him. As our tr… – powered by Happy Scribe

As the world speaks less of Jesus Christ, let us speak more of him as our true colors, as his disciples are revealed, many around us will be prepared to listen as we share the light we have received from him. His light and his transcendent saving power will shine on those willing to open their hearts.

Jesus said.

I come as a light into the world. Nothing lifts my desire to speak of Christ more than visualising his return, while we do not know when he will come. The events of his return will be breathtaking. He will come in the clouds of heaven, in majesty and glory with all his holy angels. Not just a few angels, but all his holy angels. These are not the cherry cheeked cherry bomb painted by Raphael found on our Valentine’s cards. These are the angels of the centuries.

The angels said to shut the mouths of lions, to open prison doors to announce his long awaited birth to comfort him in Gethsemani.

To assure his disciples at his ascension and to open the glorious restoration of the gospel. Can you imagine being caught up to meet him, whether on this side or the other side of the veil? That is his promise to the righteous. This amazing experience will mark our souls forever.