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VIDEO: Easy Journal Prompts For Better Spirituality | Skylight Spiritual Wellness


These are the prompts that I wish I had when I was starting to journal. Really simple. But to be successful at journaling, you have to dump your mind, your thoughts, your energy onto the page. If you’re willing to do that, here’s one of the first places I would start. It’s with this prompt. Do I believe a higher power cares about me? Look, you might be thinking, Well, that feels a little woo woo to ask and talk about God right now so abruptly. But the reality is if you understand first and foremost about where you are in your spiritual journey, it starts with what it is that you actually believe specifically when it comes to your connection to a higher power, God or source. If you don’t know what you believe, then you actually have no foundation to build on or build off of. And so that is why you first need to dive in and release everything that you have when it comes to your belief system. From there you actually have somewhere to build. And that leads us into our next prompt, which is, do I think that I can get help from my higher source?

As you journal and prompt about what it is you think that this higher source or God thinks about you can be revolutionary in your life. It can change the way your perspective is, the way that the world interacts with you the way that you see one another in your relationships. This prompt isn’t a yes or no type answer. Yes, I do. Check. Move on. No, it’s more of, What is it that I believe? Do I believe that the universe and God has my best intentions in mind? Do I believe that I’m led down a path that I need to be led down? Do I feel neglected, isolated, alone? As I look back on those events in my life that I have felt alone? Have they actually been for a purpose? Do I see a purpose in it? And through connecting these dots, does it lead me anywhere to believe that? This is true or that is true? Understanding this fundamental relationship that you have with God and your higher power has the potential to actually point you and understanding a groundwork from which you can grow off of as well. These questions, as you prompt and write them down and as you’re honest, have the potential of actually changing so much in your life.

So that leads us to prompt number three, if I had God’s vision, what do I think my next steps should be? This is an opportunity for you to sit in the driver’s seat and actually help yourself out. If you had God’s vision, if you had the higher power of source, if you had all the information that you needed, what do you think your next step would be? As you can role play this in your brain, you actually have an opportunity to tap into your higher self in some degree that you have the chance to actually direct yourself from outside of the jar versus you sitting inside of it. This has all the potential of actually leading you down a direction that you need. For journaling to be the most impactful and the most meaningful in our life, it actually requires us to have a relationship with divine and bring it into the process. As we try to exclude it and think we’re doing it all on our own, we then lose out on the potential of actually doing something more meaningful, of doing something more impactful. And with that, man, we’re missing out in general.

So there’s a couple of different ways that I have started using journal prompts to help my life, my spiritual vision on all the different things that I recommend other people do. Check that out, put into practice, let me know what you think. Thank you, and we’ll see you on the next one.



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