Come Follow Me (Insights into 3 Nephi 1–7, September 7–13) Don't Miss This Emily Dave

VIDEO: Don’t Miss This Come Follow Me (Insights into 3 Nephi 1–7, September 7–13) #ComeFollowMe David Butler Emily Belle Freeman



3 Nephi 1: Nephi, the son of Helaman, departs out of the land, and his son Nephi keeps the records—Though signs and wonders abound, the wicked plan to slay the righteous—The night of Christ’s birth arrives—The sign is given, and a new star arises—Lyings and deceivings increase, and the Gadianton robbers slaughter many. About A.D. 1–4.

3 Nephi 2: Wickedness and abominations increase among the people—The Nephites and Lamanites unite to defend themselves against the Gadianton robbers—Converted Lamanites become white and are called Nephites. About A.D. 5–16.

3 Nephi 3: Giddianhi, the Gadianton leader, demands that Lachoneus and the Nephites surrender themselves and their lands—Lachoneus appoints Gidgiddoni as chief captain of the armies—The Nephites assemble in Zarahemla and Bountiful to defend themselves. About A.D. 16–18.

3 Nephi 4: The Nephite armies defeat the Gadianton robbers—Giddianhi is slain, and his successor, Zemnarihah, is hanged—The Nephites praise the Lord for their victories. About A.D. 19–22.

3 Nephi 5: The Nephites repent and forsake their sins—Mormon writes the history of his people and declares the everlasting word to them—Israel will be gathered in from her long dispersion. About A.D. 22–26.

3 Nephi 6: The Nephites prosper—Pride, wealth, and class distinctions arise—The Church is rent with dissensions—Satan leads the people in open rebellion—Many prophets cry repentance and are slain—Their murderers conspire to take over the government. About A.D. 26–30.

3 Nephi 7: The chief judge is murdered, the government is destroyed, and the people divide into tribes—Jacob, an anti-Christ, becomes king of a secret combination—Nephi preaches repentance and faith in Christ—Angels minister to him daily, and he raises his brother from the dead—Many repent and are baptized. About A.D. 30–33.

Will the list you pulled about being steadfast till Christ comes be in the newsletter? You guys MAKE my week every Monday!


The sound quality has changed. Did you change microphones? The sound Used to be much better. The content is great,


3 Nephi 1-7 was, for me, a 3 tissue ‘episode.’ Thank you both for all your prayer and preparation in presenting such spiritual and thought provoking messages each week.


Those who would not depart from the faith This is what they were doing: They served God with diligence both day and night They would forsake all sin, abomination, and whoredoms They preached God’s love to all of God’s children Create order in the land by upholding laws of equity and justice Receives railings and does not revile again but is humble and penitent Strives to be exceedingly humble Receives inspiration from heaven to stand, teach, and testify boldly about Jesus and His Atonement Believes in the reality of angels from both sides of the veil Honors and participates in the power of the Priesthood of God Recognizes the power and spirit of God Ministers with power and great authority Testifies both of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ Lives as disciples of Jesus Christ Has great faith, allowing angels to minister daily Experiences God’s miracles, recognizes them, and expresses gratitude for God’s hand in our lives through diligent church attendance Listen to God’s prophet Testifies of the Spirit of God Keeps the commandments Remains clean through continual repentance Watches for the signs of Jesus Christ

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I just want to say a quick thank you for the take 5 cards. Monday the 31st my beloved husband and our hero had a stroke. I have had a hard time concentrating and reading is next to impossible. I still wanted to keep up with my scripture study. After struggling for awhile the spirit prompted me to use the cards until things settled a little. I am so thankful to stay connected to my scripture study through this time of challenge. Thank you.


A few weeks before President Heber J. Grant passed away, one of the Brethren went to visit him in his home. Before the man left, President Grant prayed, “O God, bless me that I shall not lose my testimony and keep faithful to the end!”


Never apologize for exuberant joy in the gospel. We love that you love. We relish your joy because we feel it out here in the dark and we crave the light of Christ, whose light shines so much brighter in these, our days-2020. Celebrate the good news and we will celebrate with you!


This week was AWESOME. So much meat to sink your teeth into. Thank you.


There is an echo in the background during the lesson.


Can I please have the video of Earth? Yeah I’ll be doing a little editing of myself also…lol


Good morning from South Africa. Absolutley loved this lesson today. You folks are wonderful and I thank you so much for what you do.


You have given so much strength today. It is so needed as we watch the world in such a turmoil repeating the same things as written in 3rd Nephi.


Where can we find the Elder Faust quote about praying to not lose the faith?


Thank you for your wonderful insights! I have a question about the sound quality of the last couple of your presentations….you have become very “echo-y”. It’s kind of annoying to listen to. Sorry


Thank you so much for giving hope and a desire to stay strong in the faith. I loved,loved,loved this lesson and know that the Book of Mormon and the Spirit and teachers like you both will get us through these crazy times ❤️


Such a touching ending Emily! I am too, a disciple of JesusChrist. I love him and adore him.?????

For all of those mentioning the echo they mentioned on instagram that Emily is in the process of getting new carpet. Should be normal next week.

Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your enlightening insights!


Can you guys make playlists out of your videos? Like a playlist for the New Testament, Book of Mormon etc. I want to share you guys with a friend, but just the New Testament stuff because they’re not into LDS or the Book of Mormon. I know if I send her the link to your channel, they’ll nope out.


Thank you both for these videos. I look forward to them so much! ❤️


Love the message. I just can’t keep up when you are skipping around the scriptures and also how fast you say the verse and chapter you are going to. This lesson was especially hard for me. Maybe I’m tired or something. But you would say for example, verse 21 and not say the chapter so I would be hurrying to search any chapter that has a verse 21 to see if that was what you read. It also happened when you were talking about a verse in Chapter 4, then you just read it without telling the verse. I was lost for about 5 minutes at one point and couldn’t find where you were reading from. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining. I need it at a slower pace. Thank you

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EVERYONE…Please listen to this episode. It is CRUCIAL in these crazy times we are living in. [Thanks guys for your strong testimonies and you steadfastness and conviction to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with us. You are so loved.]


I started to notice the echo from last week’s “episode” and this one has the same issue too. Maybe you have changed your microphone? Btw, I’ve always loved the message you shared. Thank you.


Around 18 minutes in, you mention Jesus coming unto his own. I love that lately I have realized he claims anyone who claims him, who believes or want to believe. It’s one of my favorite topics to research. Every single person can be counted as Jesus” own.

You be you-that’s why we love you.


Oh i hope Christ comes today too!!! Great week with such great content!!! You guys are just awesome!!!


Did David predict 7 years?

Thank you!

As always thank you for your insight and wonderful videos.


Board is shown at 2:16 (thanks for remembering to show it Dave and Emily!)


I think its interesting to notice that Nephi receives the confirmation of the sign, but it never directly says that he is able to communicate that confirmation to anyone. As far as I can tell from the text, those faithful members stand there together as families, waiting to either be executed or for the light to continue, not knowing which it will be, until it actually occurs. THAT’ S faith.

Did you guys forget to share that scripture you were saving for the end? Or did I miss it? haha


Lots of echo that I never noticed before. Piece of carpet of throw rugs help.



The echo was a new thing. Distracting. But love your messages. Thank you!!!


We are in Belgium…it was the biggest surprise to have the sun go down around 10 and get dark-dark at like 11pm. And it rises at 5, so it took us months to actually see the night sky ? So next time you’re in Belgium…come in the summer and you’ll get the long days.

Love your program. Please stop interrupting each other.


I don’t know why you write on the chalkboard and then stand in front of it. You can both stand on each side so we could see was written and make it a lot nicer for us who are watching.



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