Spiritual Fortifications

Alma 43-52 | Aug 3-9

As threats of war with the Lamanites increased, Captain Moroni prepared the Nephites for battle. He tore his coat and created a banner he called the title of liberty. It said, “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.” He asked the people to make a covenant to stand up for their rights and their religion. He knew that God would help them if they were faithful.

We can prepare and fortify ourselves and our homes against spiritual dangers. As we are faithful, God will help us just as he helped Captain Moroni and the faithful Nephites.


Read and Discuss


Alma 48:15

“And this was their faith, that by so doing God would prosper them in the land, or in other words, if they were faithful in keeping the commandments of God that he would prosper them in the land; yea, warn them to flee, or to prepare for war, according to their danger;”

  • How did Captain Moroni prepare the Nephites?
  • Why did Captain Moroni create a title of liberty?
  • How can we fortify our family spiritually?
  • How can we fortify ourselves individually?


“For our safety, we must build a fortress of spirituality and protection for our very souls, a fortress that will not be penetrated by the evil one… When we build a fortress of spiritual strength, we can shun the advances of the adversary, turn our backs on him, and feel the peace of the Spirit.” Ronald A. Rasband

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