VIDEO: Come Follow Me with Living Scriptures | Saintron Unite | 1 Corinthians 8-13 | Line Upon Line

VIDEO: Come Follow Me with Living Scriptures | Saintron Unite | 1 Corinthians 8-13 | Line Upon Line



Ready to form Saintron. Activate Covenants. Faith Connected. Righteousness is up. Mega, disciples are go. Let’s go, Saintron, force. Form arm and hands. Form legs.

And feet.

Form body. And he will be our head.


Robots who battle evil are epic. But what if all the parts didn’t work together? The Corinthians struggled to cooperate because it was a big part of their culture to be competitive in education, wealth, and athletics. They prized their teachers, so they even compared who baptized them to see who was cooler. But fighting over who’s better makes it harder to come together in one body. We grew up in the church, so we know better. Well, we have more faith because we’re recent converts. As the body of Christ, the church, as Paul explains it, each piece is important. He teaches that if one part is weak or injured, it should be given the nourishment and support needed to heal and not to be given punishment for being broken. See, even our feeble parts are super necessary because they teach us how to work together, to be patient and humble, and to be more like the savior strengthening others. Okay, but how do we power such a complex machine with so many different parts?

If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. If one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

That’s right. We’re in this together, and it’s love that powers the church, or Saint-Dron. But what is love, really? Well, perfect, true, true love is called charity. With so many songs, poems, and even feelings about what love is supposed to be, how do we know when we’re really channeling it? Well, all we have to do is ask ourselves, is it patient, kind, humble, respectful, unselfish, sacrificial, slow to anger, forgiving, righteous, protective, faithful, hopeful, enduring, or victorious? This is Jesus’ love. Paul’s explanation is an awesome tool to help us analyze our own love. If we can’t seem to muster it on our own, that’s okay. The Lord tells us to pray for it. It’s a gift to those who seek it diligently. Yeah, we can just pray to be more loving in His way. Now, sometimes things can get confusing if the people we love disagree with us on important topics or don’t follow God’s commandments. Well, we don’t have to agree with someone to love them. And we certainly don’t have to break God’s commandments to show our love. Ready for a snack? Well, remember the amazing picnic where God shows Peter that not eating certain foods is no longer Church policy, but an optional tradition?

Yeah. Well, now it’s potluck time.

What did you bring to the potluck?

My great-grandmother’s jello tower recipe. A classic.

From when the church was much purer. Without all these newcomers and they’re strange foods.

Indeed. What even is that? Is that meat dish from meat that.

Was offered.

To idols?

Oh, sorry. It’s all I could afford. Thank you for contributing, good brother. The Lord knows you’re not worshiping idols. You don’t have to eat it, but no need to be rude.


The Corinthians love their food and sports. So Paul uses a sporty analogy to teach one more super important principle. Only one person can win, and the crown of celery leaves will wilt. Sports are awesome, but in the kingdom of God, we can all be victors and receive an incorruptible crown. Yes, the world looks to those fancy, powerful, so few at the top. But God knows the divine good in each of us, and he loves watching.

Us unite and.

Use his greatest power, charity, to work together for his good. This most important gift or talent is one that we can all receive if.

We ask for it. Victory is ours. Saintron, unite.


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