D&C 29: Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, in the presence of six elders, at Fayette, New York, September 1830. This revelation was given some days prior to the conference, beginning September 26, 1830.

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The Lord reveals to Joseph what Moses had seen, but is missing from the Old Testament.

Come Follow Me LDS Doctrine and Covenants D&C 29 (Mar 22-28) – What’s The Plan? – powered by Happy Scribe

In the beginning, so in a vision, God showed Moses how he created the Earth and all things in it, he explained that the purpose of creation was to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. And he taught several great truths about Adam and his role in his plan. But this spectacular vision had been left out of the Bible. It’s now June of 1830, and the Lord asks Joseph and Oliver to begin an inspired translation of the Bible starting in Genesis, they earnestly seek heavenly inspiration and revelation on passages that seem incomplete or unclear.

And then something amazing happened.

The Lord reveals to Joseph what Moses had seen, but is missing from the Old Testament. It’s now found in the Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price because of these missing truths.

The prevailing religious thought in the hundreds is that Adam and Eve messed up big time in the Garden of Eden. They are sinners who caused mankind to be lost and fallen, and all humans after them are condemned from birth because of their selfishness. However, Moses, his writings clearly show that Adam and Eve chose to partake of the fruit and left the garden to enter mortality. They open the door for all of God’s children to come to Earth. This is all part of God’s plan from the beginning.

All right, so why are we talking about the Inspire translation of the Bible and the Book of Moses if we’re studying the doctrine and covenants because it’s while discussing these new ideas that Section 29 is revealed?

You see, Joseph is teaching these new ideas to five elders and Fayette, Oliver Cowdery, Samuel Smith, David and John Witmer and a brand new convert, Thomas B. Marsch.

They’re having a fairly heated discussion about these new ideas and they have a lot of different opinions than the Lord through his prophet stops the argument and teaches them the truth, which is Section 29.

This revelation not only teaches the importance of Adam and Eve, it also gives us more of the plan of salvation from primordial life to the creation and fall through the atonement and the gathering and on through the millennium.

It then explains some of the signs of the times like destruction and plague and what happens to those who choose poorly and refuse to repent. It doesn’t sound pleasant.

The Lord, however, comforts us by sharing a beautiful and tender image that he also shares in the Book of Mormon and the New Testament.

Just like a hen gathers her chickens under her wings for protection and comfort, Christ will gather his people when we’re scared and need safety. The mother hen clucks if there’s danger so all of her little chicks can run under her warm, safe wings for protection. The Lord likewise warns us of danger so we can choose to run under his outstretched arms for safety. How oft will he gather us as often as we need? His arms are stretched out. Still, the Lord gathers his elect.

One of them is Thomas B. Marsh. He grew up in Boston, attending many churches looking for the truth. But none of them feels right, believing that a new church will come forth that teaches restored truths. He’s led by the spirit to travel west from Boston to New York. Along the way, a woman mentions a newspaper article about Joseph Smith’s golden book. She then tells him to talk to Martin Harrison Palmira if he wants to know more. A light bulb goes on.

He is intrigued. When Thomas arrives in Palmyra, he finds Martin in Brandons printshop overseeing the printing of The Book of Mormon.

Martin answers questions and gives Thomas one of the large sixteen page sheets as it comes off the printing press.

Grateful, he takes it back to Boston, where he and his wife study it intensely and are converted by the power of the Holy Ghost hold on their converted after reading just sixteen pages of the Book of Mormon.

Yep. Amazing, right? And eventually Thomas becomes the first president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Parley.

Pratt is also inspired to search for the truth around the same time, but his story is a bit more dramatic. Why? Because he’s so sure God is guiding his path that he sells his house and farm in Ohio before he even knows where he’s going. He and his wife, who had been blessed with a cool name, thankful, leave with hope and faith on a journey to find God’s truth. Luckily, his wife has seen God’s hand in Parley’s life and has great faith to go along with his plan.

Now, about 20 miles from Palmyra, while traveling eastward on the Erie Canal, Parly suddenly receives a strong feeling to get off the boat and send Thankful on a head. After saying their goodbyes, he excitedly sets off knowing something great is about to happen. He then meets Mr. Hamlin, who tells him he has a book that is supposedly translated by the aid of angels.

Parly feels an overwhelming interest in the book and begins to read. He can’t put it down and reads all that day and night. In the end, he knows it’s true as plainly as man comprehends and knows that he exists.

The next day he finds Joseph’s older brother Hiram, and they spend the entire evening discussing the gospel and by the spirit, Parly is fully converted.

Afterwards, Parly meets up again with his wife and teaches her and his nineteen year old brother Orson the gospel.

Both are converted, but Orson is super gung ho about the gospel.

I mean, he is totally all in.

Yes, Parly and Orson not only become two of the most powerful missionaries ever for the church, they also become apostles of the Lord. The Lord is gathering his elect in our next video, the first official mission to the lemonade’s begins. Anyone want to walk over a thousand miles in some of the deepest snow ever recorded? Oliver’s ready. Who will join him? Thanks for watching. If you feel like this video has helped you on your path towards truth and Christian discipleship, share it and subscribe to the channel and click on the little alarm bell to get notified when new videos come out.

Most importantly, go study the scriptures for yourself.

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