Why Did Moroni Conclude with So Many Exhortations? (Knowhy #588) – powered by Happy Scribe

As Moroni prepared to seal up the record that he and his father had worked so diligently to compile a bridge and preserve, he thought it was important to add a few words by way of exhortation to future generations of laminitis and ultimately to the world. He then proceeded to use the word exhort eight times each time offering a specific exhortation. These exhortations can profitably be grouped into four pairs of related exhortations, which are best studied when coupled together. As John Welch has pointed out, each exhortation given by Moroni can be usefully studied by following their themes as they run through The Book of Mormon.

As readers reach the end of the book Mormon, they might rightly ask themselves Now what is Moroni exhortations? They receive their answer. Remember and ponder what you read and pray to know if it is true. Do not deny the power of God and do not deny the gifts of God. Remember that good gifts come from Christ and remember that he is the same rever. Remember all these teachings and ultimately choose to come on to Christ these eight exhortations lay out a logical path forward for the reader who has just been on the whirlwind of an adventure that reading the Book of Mormon produces.

Having exhorted his readers to come to Christ and recognize the Lord’s gifts and love Moroni Seale’s his record with his testimony of what that mercy and love mean for him. Moroni exhibited charity from the beginning to the end of his final address, lovingly exhorting his mortal enemies to repent and to seek the gifts of God and faithfully counseling even those whom he cannot know to come to Christ. His final testimony is a testimony of God’s pure love for us and the optimistic hope which that love has given to Moroni.

And now you know why.