This week, Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin discuss the pivotal event of Joseph Smith’s First Vision and the impact that it has on the Church today. The First Vision is just as relevant to our lives today as it was to Joseph 200 years ago.


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0:00  Introduction to the four accounts of the First Vision

3:58  Responding to the variations in the different accounts

8:04  Pattern for finding truth:  Instant answers or process of time

11:02  Taylor shares the spiritual confirmation that comes when teaching the First Vision 

13:26  Historical background and setting for the First Vision

17:04  Joseph allowed to ponder and work through the process before finding the truth

20:24  Who is James from the New Testament book of James?

21:53  James 1:5 word study for “liberally”, “wisdom”, and “upbraideth”

27:13  The process of time applied to Joseph’s reading of James 1:5

31:24  Weather records of 1820 suggest a possible day for the First Vision

33:27  Joseph’s experience with darkness provides understanding of both good and evil

40:18  Joseph delivered from darkness after a trial of faith.  He is called by name.

43:17  President Hinckley’s testimony paraphrased from the Church video series “Special Witnesses for Christ”

46:50  What was life like for Joseph after the First Vision?

49:03  How the power of godliness accompanies an undeniable witness of the truth

52:15  Joseph Smith cannot deny his experience 

53:23  J. Reuben Clark:  “There are two truths that are more important than anything we can teach (1) Jesus is the Christ, and (2) Joseph Smith is His prophet”

55:51  Conclusion and testimony from Brother Tyler Griffin


Timestamps courtesy of Tammy Hulse


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