VIDEO: Come Follow Me (Helaman 7-12) SPIRITUAL HIDE & GO SEEK DOES NOT WORK (Aug 24-30) Steve Scott

VIDEO: Come Follow Me (Helaman 7-12) SPIRITUAL HIDE & GO SEEK DOES NOT WORK (Aug 24-30) Steve Scott

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The comments concerning “stir” spoke to me today from Claremore, OK.

Hi to you both….I’m from Hamilton , New Zealand. I am always appreciative of your teaching and insights, it’s so lovely seeing you both on the videos.


I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico….My husband was suggesting that Nephi’s garden tower was a place where he, as a farmer, could go up higher and watch for birds, or other predators who are eating his garden so he could run them off.


First comment! Keep beleving in jesus christ!


Watch every week – thank you so much for the time and effort of doing this, and love that you’re doing it together now!! I’m in the land Bountiful (that would be Bountiful, Utah).


I am watching from Cedar City UT and I don’t miss a week.


I loved this lesson, you’re a wonderful team! This helped me realize that in the confusion, that I live in right now, I haven’t been connecting up the way I should. Thank you for the challenge Chelsea, I accept!!! That’s something I really need to do. ?


Chelsea… I am from Chihuahua, Mexico! I love you both! You are so much fun and add such great insight! Just one suggestion. Chelsea, can you please talk a little louder? Sometimes you are hard to hear. ❤️❤️❤️


Hi Chelsea! To answer your question. I’m from Sweden and I use this channel to teach my children almost every evening when we gather up in the living room for evening prayer ❤️?


Kelli – Alabama Happy that Chelsea is joining! Together you’re diamond! Love y’all ?


Ryan and Tamara from Sumner WA. We love you guys and our part of are study and Sabbath worship. Would love to have a High 5 and fist bump reqest


From Green Bay Wisconsin! Hi Chelsea. I absolutely love and watch every week. I so enjoy having Chelsea on and hearing her thoughts as well. As in the scriptures, sometimes the way one person says things doesn’t really resonate with you, but the way another person does strikes a chord in your soul. Hope The Lord continues to prompt you to come Chelsea! Thanks again.

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Hurricane, Utah. Word of the week?…Hide and go seek? tag…you are it! Where are you from? ?


Thanks so much I love the way you teach together. I look forward to each lesson. Heyburn, Idaho.


My wife and I are empty nesters this year and we have been watching you for a while now. We love bringing you into our home. Greenville TX.

I’m from Tooele Ut! I love that both you and Chelsea are doing this together! Thank you for doing these videos! It keeps me digging into the scriptures!


Elaine from Hamilton. Ontario. What I have learned from this COVID time is how to study better and draw closer to the Lord and feel that we are all family in the sight of the lord.l love you guys. Thank you thank you

Mona, UT. Thank you Chelsea and Scott. So many wonderful insights and applications. You are truly inspired.


Orem, Utah. Great job!


I have learnt so much from my mistakes l was thinking of making a few more. The Dream Team for teaching. Great job .Thankyou so much for time and effort. God bless. Michael from UK.

Learning here in Smiths Station Alabama. Interesting fact – we live in central time but function in eastern because we are just across the Chattahoochee River from Columbus Georgia and Ft Benning (army post) where many local Alabamians work! Have a blessed day y’all!

Oregon City, OR. I love how you apply the scriptures to our daily lives today!

I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. My daughter in law Told me about you. I look forward to watching each week. Thank you for doing this, I have learned so much.

I am watching from Chandler AZ. I loved two things the most this week. When you said our direction is more important than our location and the question what if normal isn’t close enough to Heavenly Father and the Savior. Both truly resonated with me. I just pondered yesterday, why this pandemic and I like this window to explore.

I view the lessons from Fayetteville, NC. Your lessons are very thought provoking as well livable. Blessings to both of you.

Love the 2 of you together teaching. There is a beautiful connection between you. ? I learned so much from this video. Thank you ❤️ from Big Rapids Michigan.

Lake Powell Arizona!! Love ya guys! ?


Thanks you for the time you spend in preparing, in sharing your thoughts, and your love for the scriptures. My wife and I look forward to your post every week. At times your perspective provides us with additional understanding. We truly love listen to your weekly message. Connect Up! Carl and Kathy miller from Gilbert AZ

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Hooper, Utah [originally from South Africa]. Chelsea you’re doing an great job. Thanks for joining, I love these lessons. THANKS

Love listening every week from St. Anthony, Idaho ?

Wetumka, Oklahoma. Chelsea please keep joining Steve! Together you make a perfect match in more ways than one!

Great, awesome, power-packed messages!! I’ve watched this video 5+ times, due to all the very Very very important messages!! Thanks, Kari Tucker BIG Rapids Michigan

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I just discovered you guys a few weeks ago and have loved the lessons! I am such a literal reader that sometimes its hard for me to “liken the scriptures” and see how their stories can help me with my life stories. So the way you teach and bring the scriptures into current life is so awesome for me. So thank you SO MUCH for that! And your comment about wanting things to go back to me! But then the follow up about what if “normal” wasn’t close enough to God? That was mind blowing!! A great mind-shift for me! And I think you two do great together (duh…married couple goals!) and I appreciate Chelsea’s input. I am watching from Alamogordo New Mexico!

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I always tweet about my testimony 🙂


Hi you two… super good job! This is my second video of yours. I am a member mother with only two children that are active, should say now adults. During this pandemic all are home and I struggle to have spiritually powerful moments with them. I miss the meetings where others could enlighten them and strengthen their testimonies, although I love trying to do it, I find that I need the help of other influences. So I discovered some videos to help along the way… and discovered yours. Thank you. I am grateful for its others that can put into words meanings and take always that I feel but don’t express very well! BTW, we are from Montara, California, USA

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Hello there, I am from Colne, Lancashire, England. I love the Book of Mormon and the insights I get from your videos, thank you so much. Love how you applied how we think the past or the 2nd coming in the future is better than the present, but the present with all its ups and downs, is necessary, opposition in all things, is necessary to helps us develop the characteristics of Christ. And I too often ‘fall off the wagon’ and am so thankful for repentance.

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Manassa, CO Thanks for all your time and inspiration!!


We’re watching from Dallas Georgia. Thank you so very much for all of your time & effort to help us connect up! You make a great team together!

Hi Chelsea! I’m listening from Boynton Beach FL I feel you two make a powerful team, I love the gospel insights. I’ll be honest… Chelsea, the things you say really stick with me and give me thoughts to ponder on. You are very spiritual ?


Just found you guys and you’re awesome!!! You will now be a part of my week! I’m just down the road in Magrath.

Thank you! You guys are so cute together. I’m in Fort Smith, Arkansas and my daughter lives in Mississauga, Canada??

Susan Jenkins from North Ogden Utah. Love both of you, thanks, I’ve learned so much!!!!

Enjoy your lessons here in mountain view, wyomig. Thanks for the reminder on applying the scriptures to our lives, and always reaching higher. Great lesson!!

I’m from Bountiful. Welcome to Chelsea, so happy to see and hear from you again!

From Startford, Taranaki in New Zealand. Beneath the most beautiful mountain in the world. Love your pendant Chelsea, what stone is it

From Lehi Utah. I loved the question of where will I be after the pandemic? Will I be closer to God?

Watching from Ogden, Utah with my 7-yr old son. I am divorced from his dad who doesn’t live the gospel. My son loves Steve! He lights up when we watches Steve. Could he get a shout out in September for his birthday (9-26) or maybe for his baptism on (10-17-20)? Thanks for being a spiritual male positive role model every week for my son! ❤️???

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Watching from Bainbridge Island WA Thanks for your channel! Steve you’re great and I’ve been watching for a while now. Chelsea, I love all you bring to the table and I LOVE the two of your teaching together! Thanks for adding light to my life!

The Woodlands, Texas! Thank you for your messages!

Tuning in all the way from Izumo, Japan! 😀

I’m watching from Post Falls, Idaho

Hi from Stansburry UT. Thank you for taking the time each week for putting the lesson together. It’s incredible.

Great lesson, love and prayers from Meridian, Mississippi ❤️??

I’m from northern Utah. Really enjoy your programs. I gather links and my Facebook page The Book oh Morning Read with Me on a weekly post. Yours is always there. I enjoy the two of you teaching together.

Thank you for sharing your testimonies of the Book of Mormon. I’m so thankful for your teachings. Aloha from Waimānalo

Watching from Holly Pond, Alabama ??

Hi guys enjoyed the lesson as always, thanks for a the wee thought provoking comments, Helen from Ireland

I am watching from Virginia,love your lessons, ,you are a great teachers ,I am originally from Peru

Hi. I am from Fresno. When there’s no one to walk with, I listen to CFM. The famine prayer to get the people’s attention stood out to me in your lesson. So if all this nastiness doesn’t humble us, then starvation might! The empty shelves at the start of the Covid19 shut down was a wake up call.

Yay your together again!! Love you guys thanks so much!

Glad your wife is on with you You guys are awesome I’m live in Manderfield Utah

I love how Chelsea adds the feminine touch to your look lessons. You are a great team. Listening fron Arnold,Mo, that’s close to St.Louis. It helps me each time to remind us to connect up.

Hello I am watching from Salt Lake City, UT

Logan Utah Glad to see you every week and for the wonderful addition …such great messages of hope and learning thank you

Hi Chelsea and Steve, Thanks again for the captions. I enjoyed the video today, ouch Steve forgot to say the word, unless I missed it. Anyways I am from Chicago.IL.

Watching from Heber City, Utah. Thanks for the comments about social media awareness and stirring the pot. Thinks it’s about time for another fast for me.

Farmington UT ????❤️

Hi Chelsey. I am ftom Heaven, I was born in Brazil with Italian parents, I was converted in 1979, you were in Heaven. I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. You both are awesome ❣️

Idaho Falls. Great lesson!

Hi .im from Bremerton so close to hoping to go visit when the border opens back up. Port Angeles ferry is only 45 minutes away

I am watching from Upland California. Awesome class you two. You are a good team❤️

West Valley, UT. I love that you both are now doing this together. You both bring your own insights which makes helps me. I feel your love for the gospel and definitely the Spirit. Keep up the good work. Thank you for doing this weekly. Ofa Atu to you both.

Idaho Falls, Idaho. Love your lessons keep up the good work.

Thanks Bro. and Sis. Scott! Lovely from Philippines

Just moved to Twin Falls Idaho. I enjoy watching your presentation very much.

Logan Utah or rather Smithfield Utah! ♥️

Thank you so much. I am from Toronto Canada

Hurricane Utah. Great lesson


I am from Nigel, South Africa

Draper, Utah. Thank you for the awesome lesson ?. Great teaching team

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the BofM. I really like Lynn G Robins talk on be 100 percent responsible. Utah


Fist pump and hive from me to you from Bluffdale, Utah

Spiritual Hide & Go Seek – does not work!!!

you are awesome i love your vidieos and glad to see Chelsea too many thaanks


I am from Louisville, Kentucky.

Chester, New Hampshire

Zanesville, Ohio

Hide & Seek. Taylorsville, Utah

Hello I’m from Panama Republic I live in San Diego, but I came to Panama in February to visit my mother. The airport has been closed until September 04, so I should be going back soon in Panama the quarantine is M T And W ladies can go out for 2 hours and men go out T Th and Saturday no one go out on Sunday Thank you for the wonderful lessons it keep me busy!

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Chelsea has the gift.

Do you guys have a doterra page where you have ideas etc for them and buy them from you? Thanks!!! Love these videos too! Love a mother’s perspective on these?


Idaho Falls, Idaho


?thank you both

Millville Ut


there are no captions


Chester, California, USA


we ue Marco Polo in my family. I share my faith with my family. Not all of them go to church at all so I talk about Book of Mormon and how I love the stories and the church I talk but our family and how wonderful they all are and about the love and support we share. I focus o the eternal family and hope they remember what they learned so many years go. I am an Aunt and love them all. i live in SOUTH Jordan, Utah.

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Elsinore Utah

Lock Haven PA



Kaysville Utah

From UT, Lehi. So happy that Chelsea is with us, she makes a big difference and her presence is a testimony that the teachings apply to both, man and women and that they can be lived in the home

Meds Arizona


?????????????? Fife, Scotland ??????????????. Have loved watching your videos throughout this pandemic and especially love Chelsea being with you now. This was my favourite lesson so far ? You’re a great team. Love your insights and testimonies ❤️


We live in Battle Ground, Wa. and really enjoy your lessons. Thank you for all your time and preparation to give us these insight to bring us closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ. How blessed we are to have the truth.

the last thing I heard from the prophet is the importance of studying come follow me, no matter how much I flounder in my studying. the blessings will be magnified. and well here I am listening to you guys making me laugh and getting a great lesson. the amount of truth what is going on today with the bom is beautifully overwhelming at times. the addition of having your wife added to the lessons brings one of the strongest spiritually charged weekly lessons I’ve watched. thank you brother and sister Scott.. Duchesne Utah

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