This is the beginning of the stories of history that make up the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Before we jump into the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants we start with a small log home, a sacred grove, the young boy who asked a question, and an account of his marvelous experience. This week in Come, Follow Me, we study Joseph Smith’s History, the history of an obscure boy of no consequence whose life was changed because he asked a question of the Lord. If you have ever asked the question, “what is to be done?” and “how shall I know what to do?” This lesson is for you…

Here is what you have to look forward to this week: A HUGE windstorm…but don’t you worry, we taught right through it 🙂 An obscure boy of little consequence Answers for those inquiring after truth A war of words.

Time Stamps:


00:00  Welcome #DMTFT!

01:02  Intro to Smith Family Farm and Joseph Smith – History (JSH)

02:14  JSH verse 1

04:29  JSH verse 3 and background on Joseph Smith’s family

05:55  JSH verse 4

06:48  JSH verse 5

07:40  The Second Great Awakening

08:37  JSH verse 6

10:48  Two Questions (JSH verse 10)

11:27  JSH verse 8

12:27  JSH verse 11 (cross reference James 1 verse 5)

13:01  Introduction of Jason Deere and Nashville Tribute Band

14:03  Special Musical Number

15:51  In the Sacred Grove

16:47  Reference to President Nelson’s invitation to “Hear Him”

17:02  Definition of “revelation”

17:26  Patterns for Receiving Revelation

18:45  1. JSH verse 8 – “In process of time…”

19:24  2. JSH verse 11 – Turning to scripture

20:21  3. JSH verse 12 – Reflecting again and again

20:43  4. JSH verse 13 – Ask of God

21:28  5. JSH verses 14-15 – Determining a time and place: Where is your grove?

23:26  6. JSH verse 16 – Timing and “Descends Gradually”

24:23  Reference to Elder Holland’s talk 

25:32  Reference to Elder Bednar’s video on “Patterns of Light”

25:56  7. JSH verse 17 – Encouragement to Listen

26:31  8. JSH verse 18 – Line Upon Line, The Next Right Step

29:26  9. JSH verse 20 – Learning for ourselves

30:59  10. JSH verses 22-23 – God will enter our story, no matter our circumstances

33:07  Summary of Patterns for Receiving Revelation

33:50  What have I learned for myself? What were the unexpected lessons?

35:40  David’s story of his daughter’s question

36:36  Conclusion: JSH verse 25

38:54  Closing Song