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VIDEO: Can schools teach antifragility with spirituality?


Let go of your assumptions about spirituality. It may help your depression. 


Decades of research suggest that spirituality — that is, the drive to seek positive connections to something bigger than yourself — is an innate part of the human experience. 


When we reach a certain age, we begin asking questions about not only our meaning and purpose, but the meaning of purpose, says psychologist Dr. Lisa Miller. 


One organization working to better understand spirituality and why we’re drawn to it is the Fetzer Institute, which has spent decades conducting studies to support educational programs that nurture the spiritual aspect of the self. 


In light of rising rates of mental health conditions in the U.S. and beyond, spirituality may be the key to building more resilient minds.


Learn more about how the Fetzer Institute supports the spiritual dimension of whole child development ►… 


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This video was created in partnership with the Fetzer Institute and produced with Distant Moon, Inc. Special thanks to the City of Yonkers, New York, for graciously allowing us to film in their city.



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