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Hey, guys, what’s good Derek here from.

Bombsocks with another day of bomb bites, where we feast upon the words of Christ one bite at a time. Yesterday, I kind of brought up this whole concept of how to handle things when stuff does not go your way in this crazy world. And we’re introducing you to four people this week. The first one I want to introduce you to today is this wonderful woman here, Ruth. We have created a pair of Bible.

Themed bombshells that people love with this.

Cool picture of Ruth here. She is awesome. And let me tell you why she is awesome. So you start in Ruth chapter one. And just right out of the gate in the first few verses, you’ve got a tremendous tragedy that takes place. So you’ve got a time when the judges rule, there’s a famine in the land. There’s a certain man of Bethlehem, Judah.

So this is in the house of.

Israel with the sojourn in the country of Moab, he and his wife and his two sons, because there is a famine going on. The name of the man was a Limalek, and the name of his wife, Naomi, and the name of his two sons, Malone and Kylie. They’re Ephrahs, meaning they’re of the house of Israel.

So they come to this country of.

Moab where there is not a famine going on. And then all of a sudden, verse three, Alimalec, Naomi’s husband, died, and she was left to and her two sons. And then verse four, and they took the wives of the women of Moab. Again, these women are not of the house of Israel, but they went to this land where there is not a family. And the name of the one was Orpa and the name of the other Ruth. And they dwelled about ten years. And Malone and Kellyanne died also, both of them. And the woman was left with her two sons and her husband. So all of a sudden, you’re five verses in, and you’ve got a tremendous tragedy. You’ve got three widows and life for widows back then, and the culture was not good. You weren’t able to claim property, and there was financially just a lot of difficult things for you. So all of a sudden, these three women are in a difficult spot.

So now you’ve got these women, you’ve.

Got Naomi and her two daughters in law who they don’t quite know what to do. So in verse eight, Naomi says to her daughters in law, Go return each to her mother’s house. The Lord deal kindly with you. And as you have dealt with the dead end with me, you’ve gone through some difficult things. So go back to your families where you can be able to have blessings. I don’t know what I have that I can offer you. She even goes in my old age, I’m not going to give birth to two more sons, and you can marry them. That’s not going to happen. So the best thing for you to.

Do is just go back.

And these women loved Naomi. It even says in verse 14, they lifted up their voice and wept again. And Orpa kissed her mother in law. So this was difficult for her. So she goes back. But Ruth cleave unto her. Now it’s interesting. So I looked up the name Ruth and it says, Ruth is predominantly a girl name of Hebrew origin meaning friend or friendship or compassionate friend. It’s derived from the Hebrew word REUTE, meaning friend. And so here you see Ruth cleaving to her mother in law. Now there’s some cool things in verse 15. And she said, Behold, thy sister in law has gone back unto her people and unto her Gods, return thou after thy sister in law. Verse 16 and 17 are some great ones. Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave thee or to return from following after thee.

For Whither thou goest, I will go. Where thou lodges, I will Lodge.

Thy people shall be my people and most importantly, thy God, my God. Where thou Diest, will I die, and there I will be buried. The Lord do so with me and more also, if ought but death part me and thee. So you’ve got Ruth, who’s just like I’m going to stay with you. Your God is a good God. It even says one of the things in the book of Ruth, the footnotes are fantastic. So make sure you utilize the footnotes.

As you’re studying here where it says.

In verse 16, where it says, Thy God shall be my God. It leads you to the footnote of conversion. And so you see some wonderful things there.

As I thought about this, she is.

Steadfastly minded to go with her. It says in verse 18. When I thought about that, I thought about the quote from Elder Holland. Many of you are familiar with the quote from Elder Holland where he says, Hold fast to what you already know.

And stand strong until additional knowledge comes.

You have more faith than you think you do. So here she is holding fast too. The word Clave back in verse 14 means to hold fast. And so when difficult times are coming. And this is a good lesson, I think, for what happens when things start happening that are not quite what you plan, what do you do? You hold fast to what you know until additional things start coming. Ruth holds fast to those covenants and I really believe that is what we do during this time period when things aren’t going well, we hold fast to God, we cleave unto him.

We are steadfast to God until additional knowledge comes.

I don’t think either one of them knew what the future held for them.

So what do they do?

They hold fast what they know right now. Now the cool thing is, when we get into tomorrow’s episode, you’re going to see the things that the Lord has in store for these wonderful women. So that’s the first lesson I think when you and I are dealing with difficult things, when we’re dealing with things.

That don’t quite go our way, hold.

On to what you know and hold tight to God you cleave to those.

Covenants and you’ll see his blessings come to you. I know that’s true.

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