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VIDEO: 2023 ERG Leaders of the Year: Celebrating Extraordinary Impact and Inclusivity


ERG Leaders of the Year Awards 2023 from Religious Freedom & Business Fnd on Vimeo.

In an extraordinary celebration of leadership, the Religious Freedom & Business Fnd proudly recognized the exceptional individuals who have been awarded the prestigious 2023 ERG Leader of the Year.

These outstanding leaders not only demonstrate remarkable dedication within their companies but also extend their influence to assist other businesses on the path towards religiously inclusive and faith-friendly workplaces.

Sumreen Ahmad: Advancing Religious Inclusivity at Accenture

Sumreen Ahmad, a visionary at Accenture, has been at the forefront of promoting religion as an integral part of diversity and inclusion since 2007. Working in collaboration with many others, Sumreen has played a pivotal role in cultivating a workplace culture that embraces and respects all faiths and beliefs without marginalization. She recognizes the significance of inclusivity extending beyond the existence of faith-oriented ERGs (Employee Resource Groups). Instead, Sumreen believes in empowering people of faith to have their voices heard in ways that contribute to the greater good of all. In her impactful keynote address at last year’s Dare to Overcome event, Sumreen passionately shared her vision for an inclusive workplace that transcends religious boundaries.

Dale Konrad: Driving Interfaith Allyship at Equinix

Dale Konrad, an inspiring leader at Equinix, has taken the lead in establishing the company’s interfaith ERG, FaithConnect. Collaborating with co-founder Marsie Sweetland, Dale has been instrumental in fostering allyship within the organization through FaithConnect’s three core pillars: invite, learn, and respect. By encouraging individuals to invite others to learn about different faiths and beliefs, Dale has played a critical role in cultivating a culture of respect within Equinix. The impact of his efforts extends beyond the organization itself, influencing other companies and society at large. This year, Dale and his colleagues from FaithConnect delivered a compelling presentation on taking the impact of ERGs to new heights.

Naomi Kraus: Founding Google’s Inter Belief Network (IBN)

Naomi Kraus, a trailblazer at Google, holds the distinction of co-founding and serving as the global lead of Google’s Inter Belief Network (IBN). Prior to the establishment of IBN, individuals of faith lacked a formal avenue for recognition and inclusion within the company. Today, thousands of Googlers worldwide are part of IBN, fostering a culture that values and respects diverse faiths and beliefs. Naomi’s visionary leadership has not only transformed Google’s internal landscape but has also inspired other companies to adopt similar inclusive practices. She has also been a vocal advocate in combatting antisemitism, sharing her insights and recommendations in a recent thought-provoking article.

Fr. Greg McBrayer: Compassionate Care and Leadership at American Airlines

Fr. Greg McBrayer, a true embodiment of compassion and leadership, co-leads the Christian Employee Business Resource Group (CEBRG) at American Airlines. In addition to his role as a chief flight dispatcher, Fr. Greg serves as a company chaplain. During the challenging times of the pandemic, Fr. Greg provided unwavering support and care to numerous employees and their loved ones as American Airlines continued its operations despite the significant disruptions caused by COVID-19. His approach to compassionate care is informed by his personal experience as a flight controller during the tragic events of 9/11,

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