Use Gmail in your scripture study


Yesterday, we posted on how you can use Gmail for journal keeping. Another great way to use gmail is keep track of your thoughts while reading the scriptures. Using Gmail’s awesome category system, you can create a category for different principles such as faith, charity, obedience, ect. When ever you read a scripture with that principle, you can make a gmail entry under that category. Put the scripture reference under Subject. Now, when you’re preparing a talk you can bring up scriptures, along with person insights, that you can use.

  1. Set up your labels. Click on settings and then create labels. Some ideas include faith, Christ, Plan of Salvation, Baptism
  2. Read your scriptures.
  3. When you find a passage that is related to one of your labels, compose a new message to yourself.
  4. Put the scripture reference in the subject line. Type your insight on that scripture in the main message box
  5. Send the email.
  6. Give the scripture the appropriate labels.
  7. In order to keep your in box clear, you can archive your scripture messages.

I’m sure you can also use Gmail’s filter system to automate this even more. I’ll work on a bit more to see what I can come up with.

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