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This is LDS MissionCast’s  Trek: The Movie episode, where they feature interviews with Alan Peterson, the Director and Producer of this upcoming movie being released by Deseret Book and Excel Entertainment.

They also have an interview with David Howard the screen writer and Austin Grant, the lead actor and Stefania Barr lead actress from the film.

Their article continues . . .

This is a great family film that is the latest from the constantly growing genre of mormon cinema. Some of you might ask, “What does Trek: The Movie have to do with missionary work?” Watch the movie and listen to the podcast and you will see. We have some great mission stories and we hope to show you how film projects like this have be a platform for re-activiation efforts, or to help minister to the youth—our future missionaries.

Music for this episode comes from the soundtrack of Trek The Movie and our special guest Stefania Barr’s band, Shrink the Giant. The whole soundtrack features local bands from Utah which is a really cool addition to this independent film. I was at the premier last night and had a great time watching the movie, meeting the cast and crew, as well as the people from Deseret Book and Excel Entertainment who are producing this film and sound track.

Trek The Movie Premier

Nick Galieti interviews Alan Peterson, the director and producer of the film. Following that interview, Kelsey Edwards interviews David Howard the screen writer  and co-director of the film along with and Austin Grant, and Stefania Barr. The stars of Trek: The Movie.

See Alan in this video:

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