"The Savior’s Healing Power upon the Isles of the Sea" by Elder J. Kimo Esplin | Summary and Study Question from General Conference

“The Savior’s Healing Power upon the Isles of the Sea” by Elder J. Kimo Esplin | Summary and Study Question from General Conference


Summary: “The Savior’s Healing Power upon the Isles of the Sea” by Elder J. Kimo Esplin

Elder J. Kimo Esplin shares a powerful narrative of a Japanese woman from Okinawa, whose journey reflects the healing and transformative power of temple blessings.

Here are the main points of his message:

  1. A Story of Survival and Faith:
    • The Okinawan woman’s life was marked by hardship during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. Amidst the devastation, she experienced a spiritual awakening that sustained her family through unimaginable suffering.
  2. Seeking Truth and Conversion:
    • After the war, she sought answers about God and eventually found the teachings of Jesus Christ through the missionaries. Her family’s conversion led to enduring faith despite subsequent trials, including the loss of her husband to a stroke.
  3. Desire for Temple Blessings:
    • Inspired by the mission president, she longed to be sealed to her family in the temple. Financial and language barriers initially seemed insurmountable.
  4. Innovative Solutions and Sacrifice:
    • Japanese Saints, driven by faith, innovation, and sacrifice, found creative ways to overcome obstacles. They raised funds, sold possessions, and learned the temple ordinances in their native language.
  5. Temple Experience and Reconciliation:
    • Japanese Saints’ journey to the Hawaii Temple was met with love and acceptance from Hawaiian members, despite historical animosities. The temple experience in their native language brought profound spiritual impact.
  6. Legacy and Fulfillment:
    • The Okinawan sister’s journey to the temple, supported by former missionaries, symbolizes the power of enduring faith and the fulfillment of temple blessings. Her legacy lives on through her faithful posterity.
  7. Healing and Redemption Through Temples:
    • Temple blessings have the power to heal individuals, families, and even nations, bridging past enmities with reconciliation and love.
  8. Testimony of Temple Blessings:
    • Elder Esplin bears witness to the Savior’s role in temple ordinances, declaring temples as His holy houses where heavenly power binds individuals to Him and each other.

Open-ended Questions:

  1. How does the story of the Okinawan sister’s journey to the temple illustrate the transformative power of faith and temple blessings in the face of adversity?
  2. What innovative solutions and sacrifices did the Japanese Saints undertake to overcome obstacles and attend the temple, and what lessons can we learn from their example?
  3. In what ways did the temple experience in their native language impact the Japanese Saints spiritually, and how does this highlight the importance of accessibility and inclusivity in temple worship?
  4. How can historical animosities and cultural differences be overcome through shared experiences like temple worship, as exemplified by the acceptance shown by Hawaiian members to Japanese Saints?
  5. Reflecting on Elder Esplin’s message, how have temple blessings impacted your own life or the lives of those around you, and what role do temples play in healing and redemption?
  6. Considering the ongoing dedication of temples worldwide, including the upcoming Okinawa Japan Temple, how does this reflect the fulfillment of prophecy regarding the spread of the Savior’s knowledge to all nations?

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