Come, Follow Me New Testament Lesson 28: July 15–21 Acts 10–15 “The Word of God Grew and Multiplied”

COME, FOLLOW ME LESSON AIDS | Acts 10–15 | “The Word of God Grew and Multiplied”

Acts 10: An angel ministers to Cornelius—Peter, in a vision, is commanded to take the gospel to the Gentiles—The gospel is taught by witnesses—The Holy Ghost falls upon the Gentiles. Acts 11: God grants the gift of repentance to the Gentiles—The disciples are first called Christians at Antioch—The Church is guided by revelation. Acts 12: The martyrdom of James is described—An angel frees Peter from prison—The Lord slays Herod by disease—The Church grows. Acts 13: Saul and Barnabas are called to missionary service—Saul, now called Paul, curses a sorcerer—Christ is a descendant of David—Paul offers the gospel to Israel, then to the Gentiles. Acts 14: Persecution attends the spread of the gospel—Paul heals a crippled man; Paul and Barnabas are hailed as gods—Paul is stoned and revived; he preaches—Elders are ordained. Acts 15: Great dissension arises at Antioch concerning circumcision—The Apostles at Jerusalem decide the issue—Paul chooses Silas as his companion.
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Latter-day Saint Children Tell the Story of the Widow’s Mite from the Bible (too cute not to watch)!

The Life of Jesus Christ: Children’s Narratives is a set of 10 new Bible videos that parents and teachers can use as a fun yet spiritual way to include children in gospel conversations. Each video contains clips from the Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos series coupled with interviews of kids retelling the story from the scriptures in their own words.
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Austism Asperger's LDS Mormon Resources

Primary Hacks: How to teach children with special needs / autism in church classes

I have been pleased by how the Church (organizationally) and the members (individually) have educated themselves on ways to help those with autism, and their families, worship on the Sabbath. Although the resources in this post are by no means exhaustive, I have been impressed by the wisdom and knowledge they contain in educating people on how to approach the subject of autism.
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Meck Mom How to keep kids quiet in church primary

Teaching children to be quiet in church

Stop “shushing” and start rewarding. This printable kit was designed to help teachers and leaders incentivize good choices in Primary, but it could also be slightly changed and utilized to help children be reverent in Sacrament.
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