President Emily Belle Freeman

Summary of Walking in Covenant Relationship with Christ by President Emily Belle Freeman, the Young Women General President | General Conference October 2023


Walking in Covenant Relationship with Christ

  1. Introduction to the Jesus Trail: President Emily Belle Freeman introduces the concept of the “Jesus Trail,” a historical path believed to be walked by Jesus. She shares her personal experience of wanting to walk this trail despite breaking her ankle shortly before the trip.
  2. Walking with Christ in Covenant Relationship: The text emphasizes the idea that just as individuals like Jacob and the author faced challenges and obstacles, they can still walk the path of life with the support and guidance of Jesus Christ.
  3. The Covenant Path and Relationship with God: The concept of the “covenant path” is introduced, highlighting the importance of covenant relationships with God. The text emphasizes that it’s not just about fulfilling requirements but about developing a deeper relationship with God.
  4. The Mission of Jesus Christ: The text underscores that Jesus Christ’s mission is both a mission of condescension, where He meets individuals where they are, and a mission of ascension, where He helps individuals become better versions of themselves.
  5. Personal Testimony of Covenant Relationship: President Freeman shares her personal testimony of why she chooses to walk the covenant path, highlighting the blessings, strengthening, and sanctification she experiences through her relationship with Jesus Christ.


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