Harmon Brothers BedJet Viral Video Utah Mormon LDS

Sleep, the spawn of Satan, and a spouse: Why are they appearing on an LDS blog?

The social media ad agency behind famous hits like Squatty Potty and Poo-Pourri draws from the age-old conflict between heaven and hell to show off the relationship-saving properties of the BedJet.

Harmon Brothers, the Provo-based social media ad agency comprised largely of LDS creatives responsible for the most viral ad in Internet history, unveiled their next online mega-hit today.

The agency—which has garnered national acclaim and driven over $300m in sales for social media sensations such as “Squatty Potty,” “FiberFix,” “OraBrush,” “Poo-Pourri,” “ChatBooks,” “Purple,” and many others—has now channeled its viral wizardry in behalf of BedJet, which keeps sleepers sleeping in comfort, no matter what temperature each partner prefers.

“We’ve been fans of Harmon Brothers’ impressive repertoire of viral hits for a long time, and were excited to get those same creative minds to work for us,” said Mark Aramli, CEO and Founder of BedJet. “We love the end product. The couple’s central conflict is both painfully familiar and hilariously absurd enough to strike a chord with sleepers everywhere. So many couples have experienced the same struggle night after night, and the BedJet is the latest in a long line of products Harmon Brothers is helping take from obscurity to well-deserved fame.”


Harmon Brothers BedJet Viral Video Utah Mormon LDS


The Harmon Brothers’ latest follows the tumultuous sleeping habits of a Midwestern woman who likes it cold and a devil who prefers things on the toasty side. Their marriage is on the rocks until the introduction of BedJet, the world’s first rapid cooling, heating and climate comfort system designed specifically for the bed. BedJet’s patented air-driven technology allows sleepers on each side of the bed to cool down or warm up independently. It uses a quiet air circulation system to cool sleepers down, and it can also circulate heated air to warm sleepers faster than an electric blanket. Once the woman and her devilish husband are introduced to the wonders of the BedJet, their disparate sleeping temperatures no longer present an obstacle to marital bliss.




Agency: Harmon Brothers

Agency Creative Director: Daniel Harmon

Agency Managing Director: Benton Crane

Director of Accounts: Gavin Bentley, Theron Harmon

Producer: Josh Stofferahn

UPM/Project Manager: Tiffani Barth

Writers: Jonny Vance (lead), Whitney Meek, Kellen Erskine, Lisa Valentine Clark

Director: Jonny Vance

Co-Director: James Dayton

1st AD: David Thorpe

Laura from Wisconsin: Natalie Madsen

Carl from Hell: Noah Kershisnik

Couple A: Amy Davis & Mike Hafen

Couple B: Diane Synder & Steve Bennett

Couple C: Tina Stevens & James Dayton

Director of Photography: Tyler Stevens

1st AC: Brenna Empey

2nd AC: Mike Henderson

Body Suit Creation: Chris Hanson

SPFX Makeup: Chris Hanson

SPFX Makeup Assistant: Abigail Steele

Key Makeup: Rachel Clark

Visual Effects Supervisor: Nick Ritter

DIT: Braden Storrs

Gaffer: Phil Shepherd

Key Grip: Kevin Woodward

Script Supervisor/Editor: Jonah Rindlisbacher

Assistant Editor: Nick Ritter & Braden Storrs

Digital Effects: Bryson Alley, Nick Ritter, David Heath, Nick Dixon, Josh Badger

Graphic Design: Brett Crockett, David Heath

Production Designer: Jake Buntijer

Prop Master: Lyndi Bone

Wardrobe Supervisor: Kathy Eckenbrecht

Lead Project Build: Michael Frazier

Production Sound: Jared Jaynes

Sound Design: Kenny Amacher & Chris Burton

Production Assistants: Zach Power, Madi Palmer, Elise Moulton

Craft: Tina Stevens

Studio: Studio V, Brandy Gilliam Vega

Public Relations: John Dye


Client: BedJet

CEO/Founder: Mark Aramli

Digital Marketing Manager: Sarah McClutchy



The Harmon Brothers is a Provo, Utah-based ad agency behind the most viral ad in internet history. Since 2013, the company has created 15 groundbreaking, distinctive social media spots, which collectively have at least 300 million views.

BedJet is a sleep technology start-up that launched the groundbreaking BedJet cooling, heating and climate comfort system made just for beds. BedJet’s air-driven technology eliminates body moisture and sweat, allowing sleepers on each side of the bed to have a good night’s sleep, regardless of their partner’s temperature preference. Using a quiet stream of air, it cools sleepers down or warms them faster than any electric blanket, without mattress pads, uncomfortable wires, or awkward tubes in the bed. BedJet was featured on the ABC program Shark Tank and has received coverage from Forbes, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and more. Based in Newport, R.I., the company was founded in 2013 by inventor and former NASA space suit engineer Mark Aramli. For more information, visit www.bedjet.com.



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