Rating Halloween songs with fun (and funny) kids | Guy Richey Gibbons πŸ˜†πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

Rating Halloween songs with fun (and funny) kids | Guy Richey Gibbons πŸ˜†πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ



Rating Halloween songs with my crazy kids – powered by Happy Scribe

Hey, everybody. Guy. Richie Gibbons here. Halloween is upon us, and we thought it would be way fun to play a game as a family. Some of the kids are gonna come in here and play this game with me. We’ll listen to a song, and then we’ll ask each of the kids to rate the song from one to 10. But our kids are young enough that they don’t really understand how to rate things. So historically, the answers have been pretty entertaining. At the end of the video, we’ll take a vote from each of the kids on which Halloween song is their favorite, and we will declare the best Halloween song in the givens home. And without further ado, let’s get to the game. Okay, we’ve got Roca Givens here, ritchie here. Okay. We’ve got Zoe here. This is Emmett. He did the Mong’s Tamag. Okay, so have you seen enough? I think so. Okay, so do you know the name of that song?


What’s the name of that song?

Mike Mash Monster Match Monster Match.

The name of the song is monster Mash.

Monster Mash?

Yeah. All right, Rocha, what do you think? One to ten. What would you rate that song?

Probably like, a five or something.


Anything we do in five or six.

What do you rate that song?


That’s a good even score, I think. It’s not even at all. That’s a good middleoftheroad score. That’s what I meant to say. Okay. What would you give that song?


You’d give it a seven? But you thought it was bad?

Kind of.

But it’s a seven. It’s a bad seven. What do you think of that song? Did you like it?


What did you like about it?

I think it’s a beautiful song.

Do you give it a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or a sideways up in a high five? Let’s go. Okay. You ready for the next one? This music video is really interesting because they had a bunch of cameos of people who weren’t in the movie and some who were. Kay Roka, what would you rate the song? One to ten. Remember, you just gave Monster Mash like, a five. A five.

I’d probably give that like seven through eight.

Seven, five. Is that your number, then? If it’s seven through eight? Seven and a half. All right. Do you know the name of that song? The name of the song is Ghostbusters. What did you think of that song? Scale from one to ten, what do you vote for? So you didn’t like that as much as Monster mesh?



I know. It is called ghost monsters.

Ghost Monsters. Good job. Ghost Monsters. Did you like that song?

Ten points.

You’d give it a ten point. What do you think of that song?

It looks weird.

Would you give it a thumbs up? Thumbs sideways or thumbs down? Meaning I didn’t like this.

Thumbs up.

You give it a thumbs up?


This thing can happen on Halloween. Your dog cooked.

This is weird.

I love this song. Kroka, what do you think? One through ten. Anything Can Happen on Halloween by Tim Curry from The Worst Witch That’s a Disney Channel show, by the way. Oh, is absolutely.

Probably give that anything five or less.

You serious?

A three.

A three. So five and then a four and then a three.


Is the next one going to be a two?

I don’t know.

Okay, so you really didn’t that one you didn’t like very much.


9.9 point thumbs up means I like it. Thumb sideways means nah, and thumbs down means I didn’t like it. Thumbs up. So how do you know the song, Roka?

I did it in a show once.

What would you give that song? I know you’re familiar with it and you had a positive experience with it. A nine.

Grim grinny ghost groom.

Grinny ghosts. Yes. I love it. One through ten. You’ve heard that song before.

It was changing to how long we.

Like it’s from the haunted mansion.


Okay, so what, david, you think you didn’t like it or you liked it?

I liked it.

Okay, give a thumb to the screen. Here we go. I liked it.

I liked it.

One, two, three. I liked it.

I liked it.

I like this. I like this. So, Roka, what would you rate this song? One out of 1010.


Do you like the Harry Potter song? Yes, but it’s not very good.

It is good.

Well, you gave it a four out of ten. One is the worst.

Harry Potter.

What would you write this song?

Ten. Perfect.


It’s like a patrol.

Do you like it, man or no? Like it.

I do like it.

Thriller by Michael Jackson, for sure. Thought of as probably the greatest Halloween song of all time. What would you give it?

A nine and three quarters.

Is that a Harry Potter? Joe meaning Harris Potter. Whim do you think Harry Potter is the greatest Halloween song of all time? Okay, g, what did you think? Four. What did you think of that song?


Are you serious? How is that a one? Was it or did you give it a I don’t like it.

I’d like it.

What’s your favorite Halloween song that we listen to? Richie.

Harry daughter.

Harry daughter. What is your vote for the best Halloween song that we’ve listened to?

Monster Bugs.

Okay. Say your favorite Halloween song on 3123.

Harry Potter.

Did you just put your songs down? Okay. Can I have a hug? Love you, bet. Thanks for playing. Thanks for playing. Okay, thanks for being on the episode. Hey, you guys, thanks so much for watching this video. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Halloween song is and we will check it out and we will rate the song and a comment back to you. We hope you have a wonderful Halloween and we’ll catch you next time. Can you say bye bye? Bye. Good job. See you guys.


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