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VIDEO: President’s Day: New & featured movies this week on Living Scriptures



Timber!!! Your family will fall for this week’s top new title, Timber the Treasure Dog! This fun family movie is about a boy who rises to the occasion to save his home and family with his best friend, Timber, a lovable talking dog. Starring Church member Wilford Brimley, in one of his last supporting roles.

Isaac and Rebekah: Genesis 24–27

The Abrahamic covenant is one of the most important connections God has made with man and it’s vitally important that it’s given to covenant-keeping, righteous people. In this week’s Line Upon Line, Isaac and Rebekah: Genesis 24–27, we’ll see two ways that Abraham’s family passed down the covenant.

Featured: A More Perfect Union

Featured for President’s Day is BYU’s A More Perfect Union! In 1787 some of the best minds ever, gathered for a Constitutional Convention. This digitally restored film re-enacts their political battle — to establish A More Perfect Union and change the world!

Playlist: President’s Day

Our playlist salute to President’s Day is filled with films that speak to us about our founding fathers and their fight for liberty and freedom, such as The First American and the Constitution Alive series, and for your little ones there are plenty of animations like our Hero Classics George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky’s the Limit

Strawberry Shortcake insists that imagination and teamwork can help save her town’s dwindling water supply. When Strawberry loses faith in herself will her friends be able to restore her “Sky’s the Limit” attitude?

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Slugs and Bugs

Season 1

Slugs & Bugs helps kids remember Jesus in their homework, play, and friendships with 13 episodes full of faith, music, and silliness for families to delight in and sing along with.

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Latter Day Kids
Rebekah at the Well

Genesis 24-27

Abraham sends his servant to find a woman for Isaac to marry. The servant prays for guidance and when Rebekah shows kindness at the well he knows that God wants her to marry Isaac.

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Music & the Spoken Word

Timeless Tales

Hans Christian Andersen’s life was anything but a fairy tale and included heartache and trouble, but he affirmed: “There is a loving God, who directs all things for the best.”

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Scripture Explorers: Jacob and Esau

Genesis 24-27

James and Aria learn about Jacob and Esau and the importance of trying to focus on the things that will bring lasting happiness.

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